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China Southern Airlines is a Chinese airline that operates flights from China to destinations all over the world. The airline is focussing on routes to and from Southeast Chinese destinations.


The parent company of China Southern Airlines is the government supervised company China Southern Air Holding Company.

Parent company
China Southern Air Holding Company
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Sky Pearl Club
Air China


China Southern Airlines was founded in 1988, at the moment the Chinese aviation authority decided to divide the former flag carrier CAAC into six different airlines. China Southern was one of these airlines.




On China Southern Airlines flights, passengers in Economy Class, Premium Economy and Business Class can bring 1 piece of cabin luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg. First Class passengers can bring 2 pieces of cabin luggage with each a maximum weight of 5 kg. The amount of free checked baggage depends on the travel class and route. Economy passengers can bring usually at least 20 kg with them while Business Class passengers can bring at least 30 kg and First Class passengers are permitted to bring at least 40 kg. However, in most cases the permitted amount is more than described above and depends on the route. Please consult website China Southern Airlines for more information.

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In-flight Wi-Fi

China Southern Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi on a selection of its fleet. Please consult website China Southern Airlines for more information.


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