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Reviews for Aarhus Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Aarhus Airport (AAR) in Denmark. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 4 airport passengers have written an airport review about Aarhus Airport with an average score of 3 out of 5.


Margaret Janet Dale
24 days ago

We use both Billund and Aarhus airports. We prefer Aarhus because it's easier to get to from the city, takes less driving time, renting a car is very much easier to access or we can take the bus which is quick, easy and cheap.

Aida Subashi
2 months ago

you pay 95 euro for 40 minutes, I think it is the most expensive taxi bill paid for a small city like the Aarhus

Astrid Nellemann
7 months ago

Just experienced out-of-this-world great customer service on 2 occations today while flying from Aarhus to London. Am for years a frequent flier across a number of international airports, my family have never been treated so well anywhere ever. A very big thank you to both of the staff who went out of their way (and beyond) for us! Tusind tak!!

Shona Milne
10 months ago

Yet another 40 minutes spent in a cold corridor with no heating on. Like a third world country airport.

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