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Transportation to and from Alghero Airport


What is the distance from Alghero Airport to the centre of Alghero?

Alghero is located 10 kilometres / 6.2 miles south of the airport; by car it takes 16 minutes to reach the city centre of Alghero.

From AHO Airport to Alghero City centre by Car
10 km
16 min

Public transport

Bus to Alghero

From 5 AM to 11 PM a bus (Linea Alfa) runs between Alghero Airport and Alghero. buses depart to and from Alghero. When you walk out of the terminal, you will find the bus stop on the right side. Once every hour a bus departs in both directions. From the airport, the bus runs through Fertilia (Piazza Venezia Giulia) and the streets Via Don Minzoni (Alghero train station) and Via Giuseppe Garibaldi to the final stop Via Catalogna near the centre of the city.

Travel time to the railway station of Alghero is 24 minutes, the final stop at the park Giardini Giuseppe Manno can be reached after 30 minutes. Here you are within walking distance of the Old Town and the harbour.

The price of a ticket for a single journey is € 1.00 from the ARST ticket machine inside the terminal and € 1.50 on the bus.  Please consult timetable bus Alghero and website ARST for more information.

Bus to Sassari

Several times a day, a bus (Linea 760) runs between the airport and Sassari, in terms of population the second city of Sardinia. The bus ride from Alghero Airport to ‘Via Padre Zirano’ in Sassari does not take too long (30 minutes). Hotels in the city can be reached on foot from the bus station.

A bus ticket costs € 3.10. Please consult timetable bus Sassari and website ARST for more information.

Car sharing

There is no car sharing service available at the airport. If you are planning to rent a car in Sardinia, take a look at our car rental tips and see the full list of all car rental companies at Alghero Airport!


Alghero: Secret Beaches Bicycle Tour

€ 72

Release your inhibitions and explore the coast of Porto Conte and Capo Caccia from a unique perspective on a guided bike tour.


Alghero: Sardinian Home-Cooking Class and 4-Course Meal

€ 84

Master the flavors of Sardinian cuisine with a hands-on cooking class. Learn how to make dishes such as gnochetti with lamb ragu and bruschetta with sun-ripened tomatoes. Enjoy a 4-course meal of the regional specialties you create, along with local wine.

Tours and transport

Alghero: 2.5-Hour Private Walking Tour w/ a Local Guide

€ 270

Join this guided tour and discover Alghero, one of Sardinia's most beautiful medieval cities. Despite being a popular tourist destinations in summer, this city has preserved its unique character and retains a proud, independent and enchanting spirit.


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