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Reviews for Ancona Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Ancona Airport (AOI) in Italy. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 3 airport passengers have written an airport review about Ancona Airport with an average score of 2 out of 5.


Dolly Spencer
12 months ago

Very small airport, all airport staff are either rude or ignorant.
They stand around talking amongst themselves nil customer service.
They obviously work well with Ryanair.
Toilets are old and dirty , whole place needs a revamp and training for all staff who think they are doing the customer a favour

1 year ago

Horrifically poor and inexcusable public transport on a Sunday back to Anconas main train station. It was a nightmare sorting out transportation. In the end, only taxis were available, and even then, I had to phone personally for one. For a modern-day airport, it is disgraceful. Italy, wake up and modernise your airports or close them down. How are passengers expected to travel without proper transportation - walk?

1 year ago

Tiny, tiny airport but prices were very reasonable(one Euro for a bottle of water) Impossible to get information and transportation back to Ancona train station was impossible except by taxi. Confusing indeed.

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