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18 hours ago

We came unprepared for IGA and paid dearly for it:
Somehow we thought there was a Priority Pass lounge, and that mistake cost us 100TL+ with items such as 500ml water ranging between 6TL (vending machine) and 12TL (vendor). Other food & snacks were pretty expensive too.
4 bags needed wrapping @ 85tl per bag = 340TL

3 days ago

I was refused boarding because special assistance team could not get to me in time and was forced to spend the night in my wheelchair. It was a longer story trying to sort things out but this review is not a novel... KEEP IN MIND: if you have booked the assistance with your airline and go through security check without going to the assistance desk first you are stuck. Seems departments there don't use the same system

Dee Parkes
3 days ago

Avoid this new airport if you can!!

I think Turkey a fascinating & very civilised country and I am (was?) a regular user of Turkish airlines & Ataturk airport.
But I won't be using Istanbul as a hub again.

The new airport has a number of serious shortcomings. Some could be corrected (but probably won't be). Others can't.
1. This airport is an hour's journey each way to/from the city centre  - compared with 20 minutes from Ataturk.
2  This airport has no Airport hotels in the vicinity - again nearly an hour's drive to/from a proper hotel. 
Both these facts make a day/overnight visit to Istanbul city unattractive

3 This Airport is very badly organised.  Example for domestic to domestic transfers. Instead of merely walking up a staircsse near your arrival gate to the departure gate level you have to go all the hundreds of yards to the end of the domestic pler - & then all the hundreds of yards back to your new gate. HOW STUPID IS THAT?!!  They could easily have an access (staircase with boarding card check) at the middle & each end of the pier.

4  This airport's facilities are poor and do not match the need for example there are too few toilets (only 2 or 3) in each toilet block. There are very few places to eat or shop.

5  This airport has inadequate (& not comfortable) seating for the number of passengers waiting at a gate.

6  This Airport has no Lounge provision except for Business: so experienced travelers like myself who fly Business internationally but Economy short-haul cannot use any lounge with their Priority Pass (or other subscription lounge services). Added to the poor standard seating this is a major irritant.

7  The airport design is poor - for example, aside from the vast distances passengers have to walk, the planes have to travel such a long way to reach the runway it literally adds TEN minutes to EVERY flight to/from anywhere.

8  I'm sure there are more shortcomings - I couldn't see the whole airport during my three visits this week.

If you HAVE to transit in Istanbul or use Turkish domestic I recommend you use SAW airport instead. No great distances to walk/taxi, a good-enough lounge, good hotels within 15 minutes - & usually cheaper flight prices than IST.

4 days ago

I Kinda forget what it looked like though I am writing a business letter to them I went there over 5 years ago when I was going to California I only remember the drinks at a random cafe I even forget what I drunk I know it is busy If you use flightradar24 which is a Swedish plane tracking website and app it will show many planes at the airport it is a good airport of what I remember

Jörgen Andersson (Swedish)
7 days ago

Till att vara så gigantisk stor,är det ändå mycket lätt att hitta rätt.
Mycket hjälpsam personal,och för en gångs skull lite leenden från säkerhetspersonalen.

7 days ago

Never take a taxi from outside airport. They informed me meter taxi and charged me 5000 ruble. I was feeling quite confused and unsafe i took the photo of cab. The number plate was MT 241 rus 77. I was not having any option just to pay. So careful when you come out and take a taxi.

12 days ago

The airport is small. It has great views of Mt. Ararat. Bus 201 runs every half hour to Republic Square and costs 300 ADM

13 days ago

I’m a regular visitor to Eilat, having used the old airport in the middle of town. Easy access but loads of noise. The new airport, a few miles north of Eilat is a good investment. Nice roomy. However designed by a man who gets there by car. Instead of putting some decent large toilet areas, the ladies from our flight had to queue for the 4 cubicles. I read this airport is going to be the great new gateway to Eilat and the wider area. Lufthansa, Ryanair and everybody else. If that’s the case, these bigger planes will cause even bigger problems. And then outside. Bus stops outside lack timetables etc. But also, for a bus stop in the middle of the dessert, a cabin with a roof to giv protection. I remember the bus stops in Dubai which have airco. That is very good. Here is nothing. The bus to the hotels in Eilat is only NIS 4.80, apx $1-$2. A very good deal and leaves every 20 minutes. Taxi is apx NIS100, closer to $30.
The airport has all the potential, however some basics need attention.

carol guvercin
15 days ago

The airport has 5 piers (A,B,D,F,G). Pier G is the Domestic terminal. We landed here from Bodrum. There is a dedicated passport control and security area in Pier G Domestic for international transit passengers. There are 25 immigration desks and 9 security points. This meant it took us less than 5 minutes to pass through. No more queueing up with all the other passengers just arriving at the airport so connection times are greatly reduced. From Pier G we headed to Pier B for our onward flight. This took less than 10 minutes using the travelators through the main concourse (moving walkways). Each of the flight information boards showed you how long it would take from that point to your gate. As we had a couple of hours to spare we had a good look around the main concourse. Lots of shops and duty free, sports bar and coffee shops. There are public toilets literally every 50meters!As of 1st May there were still of lot of empty units but as the airport has only been open a month then it will take time to fill all the units. Turkish Airlines Lounge said it was only for business class passengers and elite card holders (see more info further in my review). The IGA lounge was also only for free for business class passengers of various airlines that had opted into their scheme. Access for euro59 was also possible. The guy at reception said the Turkish Banks (such as HSBC and Garanti bank who had lounges in the old airport) had not yet joined IGA, nor had the likes of Priority Pass. (come on Priority Pass - what do I pay my subscription for?!). Also in the International departures concourse is Yotel. Ultra modern 12m2 en-suite bedrooms. Minimum usage was 4 hours for euro80 plus euro10 for each additional hour. Advise to pre-book as it was fully booked when we checked. You can book via Overall the experience was very positive - soooo much better than the old Ataturk airport. There is room for improvements: 1) comfy seating areas required (we found a couple but they were next to the departure gates so you only found them at the last minute. 2) there is a distinct lack of vending machines. We only found one in the whole airport. I'd rather get a bottle of water out the vending machine for TL2 rather than buy one from a cafe at TL8. 3) at the security points, the carousel where you put your belongings into the tray ready to pass through the x-ray machine are too short. Only enough room for 3 people. If they extend these to accommodate 10+ people then it would avoid congestion at peak times. 4) Starbucks - searched everywhere but couldn't find one. It was only as we went to board did we spot one hidden inside the entrance to Pier B. On the way back from our holiday we transited from International arrivals at Pier B to Domestic departures at Pier G. It was a long 15-20 minute walk with no moving walkways to speak of (max 30m in total). Clearing passport control and security was very easy as each of the 5 Piers has their own dedicated area. There was also an office where you could obtain your visa (even for UK nationals). Inside Pier G we found it to be rather baron. Not many units taken as yet. There was a very small Starbucks and one other little cafe. A distinct lack of comfy seating but loads of wide open spaces lying empty! We had a 6 hour connection and would have appreciated some sofas etc. After about an hour we decided to venture down to the Departure Gates area even though our gate had not yet been assigned. Hurray - loads of seating ! Come on Istanbul - either make it clear to passengers that there is seating down there or add some in the concourse area - or both ! No IGA lounge or Yotel here so passengers departing on a domestic flight are not catered for at all. We decided to ask again at Turkish Airlines CIP lounge (domestic Pier G). Initially was told it was only for Business Class. But after 4 times of asking we were informed we could gain access for a fee of TL90 (£12). We still had 5 hours to kill so it was a bargain. Comfy seating, good coffee, soft drinks, snack and soups. At 4am they provided a Turkish breakfast and filled bagels. One major benefit of the CIP lounge is that you don't leave the lounge when it's time to board your plane. They have a dedicated flight information board which indicates when your plane is ready for boarding. You then depart through a door directly from the CIP lounge onto a bus which takes to directly to your plane. Well worth the TL90 fee if you don't have free access.

Shona Milne
16 days ago

Yet another 40 minutes spent in a cold corridor with no heating on. Like a third world country airport.

Caroline Purdy
17 days ago

Long long wait to get through passport control, flight was held up for over an hour waiting for everyone to get through. Only 3 people working on passport control, appeared to be very slowly. Pleased Tui/Thomson flight waited for everyone.

VIP Lounge - not worth going in to unless you are not paying. Member of staff working on 18th April obviously wasn't happy, very limited food, coffee in a small plastic cup, limited space to sit down, had to say went you wanted to use the toilet so the door could remotely opened, seat wouldn't stay down (great idea for mens toilet) you had to try and hold it down as you tried to sit on it, not ideal.

All in all not a great experience at Catania

Adnan Ahmed
18 days ago

Beautiful Airport. It's Huge and artistically build. Nice duty free shopping .Although 50 minutes away from Downtown Istanbul. Many restaurants and cafes available for transit passengers.

21 days ago

The airport looks great the security is very very fast.
But it all starts to fall down after that. Lack of seating anywhere, what there is is taken up by sleeping people.
The Turkish airline lounges business or star alliance gold only.
IGA lounge is a staggering 69 Euro. And no priority pass access. I didn’t find lack of English speakers a problem and everyone was keen to help. It’s early days for the airport.
It just needs to cater a bit more with people with long transfer times.
More seating and lounges you can afford to Pay to get in.
I will give it another few flights and see how it goes.

luton airport car parking
21 days ago

this is a very good and safely airport.

23 days ago

Simply big. Not smart. Walking too long. Not fast tracks for international transfer. Double security. Untrained staff. No one speak English. I am going to avoid fly with TK from now on.

Steve Bradshaw
25 days ago

I will never recommend or travel via Exeter Airport or Flybe. My experience as a disabled traveller at the hands or a security guard was discriminatory, abusive and derogatory. I did not go to Exeter aiport to be publically verbally and physically abused by one of the security officiers. I am AVSec qualified and worked in air asset protect in the RAF for years, experiencing air security in airports all over the world, both regional and international, in 40 years of travel this was the worst. The security officer should be sacked. This was not through ignorance nor lack of training, but a deliberate and calculated actions by this member of staff. I not other have had similar experiences, including one lady who appeared on Devon Live.

Jasmin Lenhart
26 days ago

On my first landing at Yeni Istanbul I was not pleased because the way from the gate to passport control and then on to baggage claim was a seemingly never-ending walk. I could not really make out the so-called typically Turkish architectural features of the building. Somehow it reminded me of the great hall at Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv. Perhaps that is the effect of international airport architecture? The situation at the exit was chaotic with all the people working for transfer organizations hanging around. To get down to the busses I had to walk a lot again. It was very draughty. The atmosphere was not so welcoming as at familiar Atatürk Airport. When I was finally heading for downtown Istanbul by car I saw the scars of building the airport and highways in the landscape. It looked a bit like volcanic wasteland in the Canary Islands. I am afraid that a lot of nature has been destroyed for good. The effects on nearby Black Sea will show, too, sooner or later. Traffic jams and long delays are unavoidable already now. Next time if ever I will set off from my city hotel three hours before boarding instead of two as for Atatürk before. You need a lot of time to get there "punctually". All my Turkish acquaintances advised me to fly to Sabiha Gökcen next time. That would be a real problem for me because I am an absolute fan of Turkish Airlines, which do not fly there from my home country.
Security check and passport control were much faster than at any other airport I know. There are many more shops than at Atatürk Airport before, too many of them selling handbags and similar goods for my taste. The distances from the shopping areas to the gates were extremely long, Announced 18 minutes and more. In between there is stylish Sofa-like furniture for tired voyagers to relax or even sleep. If that is a good option, I do not know. What I thoroughly enjoyed was the cultural offer made between the gates. Orchestras and artists of all sorts were playing there on the 20th of April. Only few meters before my gate I made the acquaintance of ebrucu Dilek Kayır, who showed interested passengers how to make Ebru. I found that fantastic! Show more of Turkish civilization to foreigners!!! Turkey is best where it stays Turkish. Summing up my experience I would like to say that Yeni Istanbul should be given another name, and possibly the old one. The whole Yeni complex needs a lot of development and future improvements. Last but not least it was opened and has been working for several weeks now, and this is a fact that you cannot say about the new airport at Berlin.

Saida (French)
1 month ago

Matthew Lumnitzer
1 month ago

Good: The new Istanbul airport is nice and open and has beautiful modern architecture with lots of natural light. Many seats, benches, and sofas to sit down near the International gates.

- Lack of planning for transportation inside and outside this massive airport.
- Extremely SLOW WiFi
- No Priority Pass lounges (old airport had 3)
- "Ask Me" guest services are standing everywhere but they barely speak English and do not seem to be well trained. They were unable to answer most of my questions about availability of shops, lounges, directions, etc.
- No Turkish ice cream like the old airport

william john stuart
1 month ago

the good things:
Its bright and airy
the passport control was the fastest ever.

the not so good:
the ground staff employed to help have not been trained and in large part only spoke piegon-english is at all
the trolly system is unusable for those with average intellegence and below. No one is my group could work it and the only helping staff available pointed us to a currency exchange desk
built in 2018 and opened in 2019 the second biggest airport in the world has NO Metro or Rail link. The project managers have has no thought for the traveller. You can take a taxi, fine. You can take a bus with no dedicated bus corridor meaning you are subject to the same grid lock as everyone else in Istanbul during peak times. Sorry Turkey but you have let your self down and given no though to the passenger. Its not a minor point. for the traveller its essential. You cannot predict your journey time like you could at Attaturk with a metro link, joining onto a Tram link
bad,bad planning

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