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Found at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Currency exchange

It is possible to exchange money at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Free WiFi

You can connect to the free WiFi network of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport called “[email protected]“. The airport gives you free access to their WiFi network for two hours per day.

If you don’t have any device with you to connect to the internet, the airport offers also 126 internet kiosks with a free internet connection. Pay attention that you have only access for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, you can log in again and have access another 15 minutes.

Airport lounges

There are multiple different lounges at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, namely:

International Terminal

  • Miracle First & Business Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse A, Level 3, Block 2)
  • Miracle First & Business Class Lounge (Airside, Block 2, Level 3, East Side)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse C, Level 3, East Side)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse D, Leve 3, opposite Gate D6)
  • Miracle Business Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse D, Level 3, opposite Gate D5)
  • Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse E, Level 3 West Side)
  • Miracle Business Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse F, Level 3, West Side)
  • Air France – KLM SkyLounge (Airside, Concourse F, Floor 3, near Gate F2)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse G, Level 3, West Side, opposite Gate 2)
  • Miracle First Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse G, Level 4, West Side)
  • Miracle Business Class Lounge (Airside, Concourse G, Level 3, West Side)

International Departures

  • Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge (Concourse D, Airside, Level 3, opposite Gate D7)
  • Miracle Lounge (Airside, Level 3, East Side, Block 2)
  • Qantas Cluc (Airside, Departures Level 3, Concourse G, near Gates 1-5)
  • Miracle Lounge (Terminal 1, Airside, International Departures 3rd Floor)

Domestic Departures

  • Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge (Concourse A, Airside, opposite Gate A3)

Priority Pass: the best choice for business and leisure

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Benefits of a Priority Pass

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  • Service, space and comfort
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Benefit from 800+ offers worldwide
  • Priority Pass app
  • Premium service and support
  • Free newspapers and magazines
  • Access to shower facilities

What plans are available?

Priority Pass offers three membership plans, namely:

Do you want to enjoy a touch of luxury, but you don’t travel very often? The Priority Pass standard might be a good choice for you. For a low annual fee, every airport lounge will cost you €28. And for your convenience; you don’t have to pay at the time of your visit. Every lounge visit will be charged to your credit card, so you don’t need any cash money.

Standard plus
If you travel regularly and you like to travel in style, the Priority Pass standard plus might be the perfect fit for you. With the Priority Pass Standard plus you can visit ten airport lounges per year free of charge. After you visited ten airport lounges, every next visit that year will cost you €28.

The Priority Pass prestige is ideal if you travel frequently and if you expect convenience and luxury at any airport you’re flying from or to. For an annual fee, you have got unlimited access to airport lounges all over the world.

Luggage storage

You can store your luggage in special luggage lockers. The airport itself has special luggage lockers and there is also a trustable company called AIRPORTELs that provide luggage services. The primary services of the company are luggage delivery and luggage storage. You can store your luggage just for the time you spend on the airport itself, but also for a longer period. The longer the period you leave things with them, the cheaper the price will be.

  • Luggage Storage per day: 100 THB
  • Luggage Storage for 5 – 7  days: 500 THB
  • Luggage Storage for 26 – 30 days: 2,000 THB

You can find the first and original counter of AIRPORTELs on Floor B. It is the same floor of the Airport Rail Link to Bangkok City. You can recognize the desk by the big black box with a yellow strip which is on the right-hand side.


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