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Transportation to and from Bari Airport


What is the distance from Bari Airport to the centre of Bari?

The distance between Bari Airport and the city centre is 12 kilometres / 7.5 miles, meaning that by car you’ll need 20 to 25 minutes to get there.

From BRI Airport to Bari City centre by Car
12 km
25 min

Public transport

Train and metro to Bari, Andria, Barletta and Foggia

Public transport is a quick way to get from Bari Airport to the city centre of Bari, Andria and Barletta. To get to Bari you can either travel by train, which is the Ferrovia Regionale (FR2, grey) or by metro, which is called Ferrovia Metropolitana (FM2, yellow). Andria and Barletta can be reached by train Ferrovia Regionale (FR2), however, sometimes you need to transfer to the bus in Bitonto or Ruvo. Travel time to Bari Central Station (Centrale) is 17 minutes, to Andria it’s 45 minutes, Barletta Central Station (Centrale) is reached after 55 minutes. Two to four times an hour trains leave to the east (Bari) and the west (Andria and Barletta).

Train and metro tickets
A ticket to Bari costs € 5.00, to Andria costs € 7.50 and a ticket to Barletta is € 8.20. Tickets are available at the airport, but it’s also possible to buy your ticket online. Foggia is also accessible by train, but you’ll have to change at Bari Centrale. The last train from the airport departs around 23:35, see the timetable for more details. Please consult website Ferrotramviaria for more information.

Bus to Bari

Bus number 16, operated by AMTAB, is the cheapest way to get from Bari Airport to Bari. The bus leaves at least once an hour and runs between the airport and Piazza Aldo Moro square near the main railway station Bari Centrale. Travel time is about 50 minutes, which is significantly longer than the train, as the bus has to make multiple stops.

Bus tickets
A one-way ticket costs € 1.00, a day ticket is available on the bus and costs € 2.50. If you’re planning on going to the centre of Bari, you should get off after 45 minutes at ‘Via Nicolo Piccinni’. The last bus departs from the airport around 22:20, check the timetable for details. Please consult website and timetable bus number 16 for more information.

Bus services

Tempesta Autoservizi to Bari – Book your tickets here!

The third option to the centre of Bari is to take the shuttle bus, operated by Tempesta Autoservizi, which runs once every hour from and to Piazza Aldo Moro. The shuttle bus only makes two stops and takes a more direct route than bus number 16 does, meaning travel time is only 30 minutes. As can be found below, tickets do cost a bit more. These are available on the bus, the last bus leaves around midnight. Please consult website and timetable Tempesta Autoservizi for more information.

Prices Single Return
Adults € 4 € 8
Children € 4 € 8

Car sharing

There is no car sharing service available at the airport. If you are planning to rent a car in Bari, take a look at our car rental tips and see the full list of car rental companies at Bari Airport!

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