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Transportation to and from Bodø Airport


What is the distance from Bodø Airport to the centre of Bodø?

The distance between Bodø Airport and the city centre is only 2 kilometres / 1.2 miles, by car it’s a drive of 5 minutes. It is also possible to walk to Bodø.

From BOO Airport to Bodø City centre by Car
2 km
5 min

Public transport

Bus to Bodø

You can take either bus line 1 or bus line 4 to get to the centre of Bodø, travel time to ‘Bodø sentrum’ is not more than 10 minutes. The starting point of the bus is located directly in front of the airport’s main entrance. On weekdays, a bus runs to and from the airport every 15 minutes.

Bodø Airport is at a short distance from the city centre. If you have little luggage, you can even walk to the city centre. Going on foot takes not more than 15 minutes.

Bus tickets
The price of a bus ticket is 43 NOK for adults and 22 NOK for children and seniors. Please consult website and timetable bus line 1 and bus line 4 for more information.

Boat to Lofoten (Torghatten Nord)

The nearest major airport to the Lofoten is Harstad/Narvik Airport. However, this airport is mainly used for organized tours (charter airlines). If you are planning a holiday to the Lofoten then Bodø Airport is the best choice, because there are more scheduled flights to and from Bodø Airport.Bodø ferry terminal is accessible by bus from the airport, you have to change at bus stop ‘Bodø sentrum’ to bus line 3 to ‘Terminalveien’.

Travel time by bus including one change is 15 minutes, by taxi the journey takes 5 to 10 minutes. From the port of Bodø you can travel by ferry or express boat to the Lofoten. One or two times a day, boats connect Bodø to Røst, Værøy, Moskenes and Svolvær, in the summer months there is a higher frequency than in the winter months.

The journey time and price depends on the type of transportation and your destination, keep in mind it will take an average of 3.5 hours. Please consult website Lofoten.info and website Torghatten Nord for more information.

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