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Transportation to and from Brindisi Airport


What is the distance from Brindisi Airport to the centre of Brindisi?

The centre of Brindisi is accessible in just 11 minutes, the intermediate distance is 5 kilometres / 3.1 miles.

From BDS Airport to Brindisi City centre by Car
5 km
11 min

Public transport

Bus to Brindisi and train to Lecce and Taranto

Buses of STP Brindisi (Società Trasporti Pubblici) take passengers between the airport and Brindisi. All days of the week, a bus departs every 30 minutes to and from the city. In the early morning and late evening, the bus runs via the main railway station of Brindisi (Piazza Crispi – Corso Umberto I) to ‘Via del Mare’ and back to Brindisi Airport. During the day from 08:15 hours to 20:45 hours the bus runs via the train station to ferry port Costa Morena and back to the airport. You can catch a bus in front of the terminal.

A ticket costs € 1.00 if bought in advance and € 1.50 from the bus driver. It takes at least 10 minutes to get to the train station in Brindisi, the journey time to Costa Morena is 25 to 30 minutes. At the main railway station, you can take the train to places like Lecce (30 minutes) and Taranto (65 minutes). The price of a ticket for the regional train is between € 3.00 (Lecce) and € 5.00 (Taranto). Please consult website and timetable bus STP Brindisi and website Trenitalia for more information.

Bus services

Pugliairbus to Lecce and Taranto

Pugliairbus offers daily bus services from Brindisi Airport to Lecce (nine times a day) and Taranto (five times a day). Pugliairbus is a shuttle service operated by the bus company COTRAP. The journey time to Lecce City Terminal (Piazza Carmelo Bene) is 40 minutes. This bus station is located 1.5 kilometres north of the centre of Lecce. The stop in Taranto can be found next to the sports hall PalaMazzola (Via Mascherpa), 3 kilometres east of the city centre. Travel time to the coastal city of Taranto is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online, at various kiosks or on board the bus. Below you can find the prices for a bus ride between Brindisi Airport and Lecce, a bus ride to Taranto takes longer but is one euro cheaper each way (€ 6.50). Please consult website and timetable Pugliairbus for more information.

Prices Single Return
Adults € 7.50 € 15
Children € 7.50 € 15

Car sharing

There is no car sharing service available at the airport. If you are planning to rent a car in Brindisi, take a look at our car rental tips and see the full list of car rental companies at Brindisi Airport!

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