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Sophie D.S.
7 hours ago

The only restaurant abuses it’s monopoly postions. Tables and floor were disgusting and never cleaned!

Caroline G.
7 hours ago

Quick and friendly service at the check-in and control, but horrible Lounge bar (Listino Prezzi). Dirty glasses for the wine, all the cutlery and the cups were from plastic. Very unfriendly service!!

julia fuller
2 days ago

Beware if leaving from Pula airport. We were told that 1 hour was sufficient time by our taxi driver. However it took almost 1 1/2 hours to get through security checks and passport control on leaving. It was chaos with no-one controlling people pushing in. As a consequence we almost missed our flight.

4 days ago

Nice and convenient airport. However the downside was that I had an early morning flight and almost every restaurant and shop was closed.

Alan Bryant
5 days ago

Used for first time,during April .impressed with building,but on landing it took a further 30 minutes to taxi.The passengers around me were laughing in disbelief at how long this was taking.On entering building,walked and walked and walked to passport control,utter madness.Then walked and walked,for connecting flight.
Have decided to avoid this airport and Turkish Airlines,which I love.In the future direct flights avoiding istanbul.I feel for large families,with imparred difficulties in walking.This is very stressful for them.
I've heard many people have missed connecting flights.Im not surprised !!!!

Paul Banks
6 days ago

If I could give more than negative I would this was an appalling experience from start to finish. The organisation is so bad that I tried to make a formal complaint in the departures lounge this was shrugged off as there are too many flights! Sicily is a beautiful island but this airport is the worst of my experience

9 days ago

Worst airport ever. Staff is extremely rude. My Baggage is lost and the staff does nothing to help. Airport was smelling because someone had dropped uncooked chicken legs and no one seems to be bothered to clean it up. Extremely irresponsible and rude staff.

Richard Stephen
9 days ago

I think I'm going to be repeating what many other people have already said here.
This is a big, impressive airport, so it actually LOOKS good.
However, there's so much that is not good that I'm going to have to recommend that, if you have a very short connection, or a very long connection, you AVOID this airport for now.
I used the old Ataturk Airport a lot and had my routine working beautifully. The problem was that that airport just wasn't big enough and struggled to cope with the volumes.
However, in rushing to switch over completely to the New Istanbul Airport, they've made the mistake of putting the politics first, instead of the customers.
So, sure, the airport's open, but there are a lot of weaknesses that need to be addressed.
Firstly, taxi-ing from and to the runway currently seems to take forever. I'd say it's at least 20 mins and, on a busy morning, I've already experienced much longer.
When you get to the terminal, there are moving walkways but, again, not nearly enough. So you now have to walk forever to get to the transfers area. That itself is fine. However, although it's all new and modern, it's frankly no better than it was before, at Ataturk.
You then walk to the main shopping area, which seems to serve as the 'hub' to continue on to the various 'wings' where the departure gates are located. (And, by the way, please don't waste your time trying to get any meaningful information or directions out of the 'helper' staff. Every one I've spoken to spoke very poor English.)
Also, they don't seem to have given any thought to installing moving walkways through this shopping area, which means that it really does take ages to pass through it.
To give you an example, this morning, the screen told me my departure gate was B9B. I was quite close, so needed only 15 mins to get there. However, just before I arrived, they changed it to F9A, which meant that I have to turn around and walk all the way back to the 'hub' and make my way to my changed gate. Walking time? 30 mins! (And yes, I am very fit and no, I'm not joking!)
Also, as some other people have already said, because they have made the unforgivable mistake of NOT finishing the new Metro link yet to connect to the planned upgraded Gayretteppe station, a lot of people just don't have enough time to leave the airport and make their way to a hotel outside. This means that a lot more people are currently hanging around the airport, making it quite difficult to find somewhere convenient and sit, eat, read etc.
So, the obvious short-term solution is to go to the integral hotel, right? Wrong. FAR too expensive for your average traveller.
The next alternative's got to be a lounge. Wrong again however! They only have three (3). There's one for Gold Members only, another for Business travellers only and only one pay-as-you-go lounge which, I think, was charging around €60. Again, far too much for someone who just wants to relax for a few hours in a comfortable seat, use a reliable WIFI and get something to eat.
On the optimistic side, they will eventually finish the Metro link and I'd expect that hotels will mushroom up around each of the stops between the terminal and the Gayretteppe 'hub' station. However, I my money says it won't be finished late this year as planned, but will be well into 2020.
This is the problem with Turkish Airlines. They're just not very efficient at all.
They've always had a problem with flight delays and cancellations and, based on what I'm seeing right now, I fear that they and that are not getting any better.
So, if you decide to go through this airport, good luck and stay patient!

Jalal . Perpignan (French)
9 days ago

magnifique et énorme aéroport flambant neuf ça brille de partout et bien desservi , les prix du transport sont raisonnable, par contre globalement les prix de la zone détaxée duty free sont vraiment chers .

Naoui (French)
10 days ago

10 days ago

I had a terrible experience at this airport. First of all, there is nothing, no cafe or shops, nowhere to wrap your luggage and nobody cares to help. But the worst is the hand luggage control - they may take ANYTHING they want from your carryon, they don’t bother to explain to you why they take it, to be honest I doubt that they actually spend a little time learning what is allowed to the cabin and what is not, they just assume that they know (if one of them doubts, he just looks at his colleagues and they together decide). They won’t show you any paper or instructions they just take your staff from your bag and say it is a rule. And I am not talking only about cheese (they LOOOVE to take cheese from tourists, you can see that smile and definitely can say that they enjoy their tiny power to take your things that you spend your own money on), they can practically take ANYTHING! Food, cosmetics and more, ones they took my tape). If you dare to tell them that you disagree with them they become extremely rude and disrespectful (to young, adult and old people)! They definitely won’t try to find a way to save your property before you come back (because they enjoy taking it from you and seeing you upset), people who use this airport usually leave the country forever and this is a reason why they think they can act so. They know that none of their supervisors will hear about it, they know that the tourists don’t have time to argue about their things, passengers don’t want to have any problems and miss their flight and this is why the workers of the airport can do whatever they want, laugh to your face when you cry about your things that they take. I am curious, does anybody check what is in those blue boxes? Does anyone check what these workers take from people? Or we just assume that tourists only make mistakes?

11 days ago

If your vacation destination is this new Istanbul airport, then this is a 4 stars place to visit. If you're transferring through here, be ready for a nightmare. I have been looking forward to visit this new airport, so I specifically pick the route to transfer via this airport. How disappointing! Too many bad points to mention, avoid at all time unless it improves.

13 days ago

After nearly twenty years of waiting....very, very dissappointing. Heartless airport. Uncomfortable seats. Poor duty free lines. Was visiting Spain and did not want to by products from France. Why were most of the few Spanish products for sale only with Murcia marked on them? Come on, Andalucía is far more expansive than that! Why no Spanish shops, caferterias and bars? Why is there a W.H Smith shop in a Spanish airport? It was disorganised and on top of that it was selling expensive low quality sandwiches (the only ones available unless there was a desire to queue eevn longer). Very poor unimaginative design, cold ambience. It felt like being in a herd of cattle being gathered for slaughter. Would not want to be delayed here. Horrible way to end a holiday and I'm not the only one to think like this! San Javier Airport wasn't had much better refreshment facilities and at least there was feel of Spain-this is not an improvement.

noel (French)
17 days ago

Venu de Madrid, le premier contact fut tres desagreable a la sortie de l'avion, il falait me controler pour ne pas lui mettre une gifle. Le chauffeur de la navette etait occupe a discuter sur son telephone portable et m'a vu ne pas suive le sens vers la navette parce que c'etait mal indique. il me dit, sec: non c'est par la, vous ne voyez pas les gens?
est ce vraiment notre faute s'il s'enerve contre son portable?

18 days ago

That's not how you trat people! Kos Airport: never again!

John Atkinson
21 days ago

Ben Gurion passport control are a joke. If your passport has undesirable stamps - Turkey, USA, etc - they will take your passport and say you will receive it back in a few minutes. The office it will be taken to will then not tell you anything, even if you only ask if they have your passport. Lots of junior staff sat round doing nothing. Rude and unhelpful

21 days ago

Cosy airport, perhaps a bit small it has all the necesary, the lounge area (lounge key, priority pass, etc) is a 5 stars one.

21 days ago

Very good airport, the terminals are closed enough, good signs and information, the staff speaks english the most, helpful people. You can guide yourself easy inside. I've missed more seats in the waiting area. Arrive with enough time if leaving Europe from Fiumicino because emigration lines are a bit crowded (30 minutes waiting time minimum).

21 days ago

Best airport ever. I love coming here.. NOT. I would pay to not transfer through OTP, it might be Europe’s worst airport: awful communication, expensive lounges, employees that dont even know what theyre doing, 0% effiency and I can go on like this..

Takhir Baratov
22 days ago

Istanbul airport is new and therefore modern. It is quite big and interesting but..first thing the modern traveller needs is to connect his mobile phone to internet. When you arrive there is a little info about it. I tried to connect to available wifi spots and accidentally found one that promised to provide with free wifi upon registration for 30 minutes, during these time you are supposed to download and install airport app with free wifi. I could not register due to poor interface so I decided to try roaming data. After downloading the app again asks to register. This is too much sophisticated approach.

The airport is new and still improving so I expect to see there local food shops, better variety of selling goods instead of the same duty free and electronics you can find anywhere.

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