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Reviews for Cologne Bonn Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) in Germany. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 8 airport passengers have written an airport review about Cologne Bonn Airport with an average score of 1 out of 5.


Vikki clarkr
2 months ago

Literally the WORST airport I have ever travelled from. No phone charging station (or plug sockets) available anywhere this is a standard in most counties so how Germany can’t offer this is beyond me. There is no access to the duty free or the McDonald’s from terminal 2 airside even though it looks like you should be able to access it! Just shocking all round!

7 months ago

I was flying to Napoli 3 weeks ago from Koln airport. Spent 3 hours for the hand luggage control. People were missing their flights. Have to fly again on Sunday to London and I am terrified!! Asked my friend to come with me because I am scared to loose my spot in a 4 hours waiting queue in case I need a toilet. I am 75 year old! All other airports are working OK now… how neglected people are in that place? So many complains and nothing was done!

8 months ago

• 2.5 hours waiting time for security screening
• No baggage drop counters, so you have to check in again despite checking in online
• Staff who seem to have all the time in the world
• Food prices at the gates.....simply criminal. Will never fly through this airport again.


J Siers
9 months ago

What a pity there isn't a way of giving MINUS scores!!
I travel a lot to Europe from the UK and this is by far the worst airport experience I have had over the years.
3 of us travelling together arrived at the airport over 2 hours before our departure back to Stanstead on 22/6/22, and the queue for the 2 out of 10 security gates which were open was long and growing, particularly as the incompetent staff were watching while people pushed in at the front. When they were asked why this was being allowed the airport employee actually said "what can I do about it" ... errr, your job would be a good start!!!
Some kind fellow travellers with later flights allowed us in front of them and we eventually got through only to be met with a huge queue for the passport gates (2 out of 4 open).
Once through there a swift run to the thankfully nearby gate helped us JUST catch our flight home.
The lesson I take from all of this is to NEVER use this shambles of an airport again, and hopefully airlines will also learn this lesson and use other gateways to Germany.

Margaret James
1 year ago

I travelled through Koln-Bonn airport on Friday 17th September at about 11am. I arrived at the airport from Koln via the train service which stops underneath the terminal. I used the escalators to access Departures which is on the top floor. The final escalator was switched off. A policeman at the bottom of the escalator said I must climb up it to get the Departures. I picked up my luggage and started to climb. Somebody switched on the escalator which went DOWN. I overbalanced and tumbled down to to bottom. The policeman picked me up and I proceeded via the UP escalator which was now also working. I have bruises on my leg and elbow and also a graze on my elbow which is still bleeding, intermittently. I could have been badly injured by this fall which is completely the fault of the staff of the airport. I would, at least, like an apology. The incident could be viewed on the airport CCTV system.

Quy (French)
24 days ago

Pire airport que j'ai utilisé. Encore pire que l'aéroport de Charleroi en Belgique. Personnel de sécurité impoli et irascible. Indications kafkaïennes. A l'image des compagnies à bas coûts qui le deservent. Préférez de loin l'aéroport de Dusseldorf...

Paola (Italian)
3 months ago

Personale della sicurezza spesso rigido e ottuso, con atteggiamento vessatorio e al limite della legalità e del rispetto. Ci hanno fatto anche perdere il volo e ci siamo ritrovati in 12 passeggeri, due adulti e dieci ragazzi tra cui tre minorenni, a dover passare la notte tra barboni che entravano e uscivano. I servizi igienici erano pessimi e mal curati. Consiglio di passare per questo aeroporto solo se è proprio necessario o facendo molta attenzione, a meno che non si sia masochisti

Salvo (Italian)
3 years ago

Sono un turista ho portato con me 40 gr di tabacco per shisha
Al controllo una responsabile bionda mi ha fatto buttare perché contiene liquido
Ho letto il regolamento puoi portare fino a 100 gr
Responsabile troppo sicura di se con zero tolleranza i colleghi volevano farmi passare ma lei si è preso di punto
Penso che ci dovrebbe essere un po’ di più tolleranza per creme gelatine e tabacco umido
Sconsiglio i suoi controlli

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