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16 hours ago

Didn’t find some parts of my cars when i turned back 4 days after

3 days ago

I have had the worst experience and I wouldn’t wish this to my worst enemy. I flew from London and supposed to meet my mum who was coming from Bucharest early morning. Her plane landed and she didn’t show up although I spoke with her minutes before her plane took off. I have spent 8 h on that bloody airport trying to find my mom. Two lovely Turks tried to help me and that’s it. No one speaks proper English, you are not allowed to make announcements. Worst 8 h of my life. They literally do not care, they send you from desk to desk and that’s it. The signage is awful and my poor mum didn’t even get to passport control and she got lost on the other side of the airport. No one helped her. What I experienced in those 8 hours, thinking that something happend to her. In the end I took a cab and went to the police and after 2 hours of watching CCTV’s and a nice Russian woman that showed my mum the right way i managed to find her. Never again will I fly to this airport. I am scared for life.

andrea koch
4 days ago

Odessa airport departures is from the old soviet building and it is chaos. So best to be there 2 hours before your flight. They have only 3 gates but they cannot organise things that well. Bring some food and drink, the bar in the building is expensive. Only imported beer from mexico for £5 a bottle and grumpy male service. No ukrainian beer, which is a shame, since it is of excellent quality, better even than german beer. You will not have a gate indicator for you flight, so best is to sit in the small waiting lounge and check the tellies above the doors of the 3 existing gates regularly. About 15 mins before your departure the tellie will indicate your destination and then he bus will soon arrive and take you to your plane. With a bit of patience it will all go ok. Do not expect Vienna airport standards in Odessa. They are still far from that but things work somehow in Odessa, it is organised chaos but they get you there in the end.

andrea koch
4 days ago

In Odessa you need to be careful that you do not get overcharged by the taxis at the airport. There is 2 buildings now. The old soviet building, which is for departures only, and a brand new building, which is for arrivals only. I was told that the new building is private and was built by an oligarch and the old building is still state owned. When you arrive in the new building do ignore the taxi drivers under any circumstance and do ignore the taxi stand. They demand euro 40 to drive you into town and this is nearly ten times as much as it really costs with an honest taxi. Leave the building and walk over to the old soviet building. From there you should be able to negotiate a better price. The price is 150 grivna, that is ca £5 (2019) or euro 5.50. There is also a trolleybus and an autobus into town from the old building. The taxi drivers in the modern building will tell you that there is no public transport. But this is not true. All you need to do is walk over to the old soviet building (ca 5 min walk) and ignore the stuff that's going on with taxis in the arrival building (new building). They are rip offs big time. Once in the centre prices are fine and people are normal.

4 days ago

Extremely rude personnel !!! Worst experience ever!!!

Salvo (Italian)
7 days ago

Sono un turista ho portato con me 40 gr di tabacco per shisha
Al controllo una responsabile bionda mi ha fatto buttare perché contiene liquido
Ho letto il regolamento puoi portare fino a 100 gr
Responsabile troppo sicura di se con zero tolleranza i colleghi volevano farmi passare ma lei si è preso di punto
Penso che ci dovrebbe essere un po’ di più tolleranza per creme gelatine e tabacco umido
Sconsiglio i suoi controlli

Rachid Benkhoukha
7 days ago

I have read a lot bad comments about the airport and services which its not true , i leave in england and have been in istanbul 3 times and i can say there is huge difference between the old airport and the new one, all signes are clear to read, with excellent services , BUT not enough seats inside the airport untill you get to the boarding area , may be for security reasons !!? thats the only downside i noticed.

george montgomery irvine
8 days ago

On Ryanair flights/FR1562 and FR1563. On arriving kept on plane for at least 20 minutes due to no steps brought to rear of plane, very heavy rain, suspect staff didn't want to get wet. On leaving the new automatic passport area was closed meaning queuing to get through passport control where only 2 officers were on duty. We queued for at least 30 minutes before eventually the new system was manned and everything sped up. We read that visitors to your part of Italy is on the increase and we could see for ourselves the volume of passengers, however your airport is needing to reflect this volume by being better organised and putting your customers first and not treating us like cattle.

9 days ago

Looks impressive.No free wifi to connect to relatives and look for accommodation and taxis going to Istanbul.English signage missing.Cant find any information booth.THKme TRAVEL
0850 302 52 34.booked hotel in a remote small town on Black Sea.Charged 1500 TL.No activity away from Istanbul city.When I complained I was charged another US $ 70.00.Transferred to Hotel near Sultanahmet Square.In total I paid $ 320.00.If I book through internet my total cost $90.00 for three nights and $60.00 for taxi.Charged me more than double and not the same hotel.Never go to Airport Agents they are thieves and cheaters.

Ghoul (French)
10 days ago

Bonjour très belle Aeroport la Turquie voit grand certes tout n est pas encore parfait mais vu l organisation àutour des lieux de visites on s inquiéte pas
Très belle ville à voir
Mais c est. Vrai 15 min entre l atterrissage et le temps d arriver au-débarquement c est très long

Aleem Niazi
11 days ago

Its so strange people have negative impression about new Istanbul airport. I have been here twice since July 2019. Facilities are marvelous. Immigration and security process is very smooth and takes far less time than any other international airport. The seating typicality at every gate is excellent. If you have long stay overs at airport, you can take rest on long easy chairs. Only improvement areas are; WiFi facility and English speaking staff.

Lucky (French)
11 days ago

Une arnaque en règle pour le parking. Même pas moyen de déposer quelqu'un à l'entrée de l'aéroport sans sortir le portefeuille. Tout simplement scandaleux.
Pour le reste, une fois que vous passez le portique de sécurité, il n'y a rien (ou presque pour déposer vos bacs et vous rhabiller (chaussures, ceinture, veste, remettre l'ordinateur à sa place, etc) et en plus on vous exige (demander se ferait avec un peu d'éducation, mais ce n'est pas le cas) d'avancer avec vos bacs en main. Vers quoi ?
Un des aéroports les moins agréables que je connaisse.

J Orr
13 days ago

Was at Edinburgh Airport at 8am today. It was so cold. We had breakfast at All Bar One. Breakfast was warm..not hot. We moved to Weatherspoons because it was cold.
And Weatherspoons was NOT any warmer. Edinburgh Airport...PLEASE turn heating up? It is October.

14 days ago

The airport is cosy and modern, it makes a first good impression of Armenia. Taxi drivers are a bit annoying, anyway I prefer to take public transport. There is a shuttle bus to the city centre, it runs frequently round the clock. The bus stop is located just few meters from the exit doors. You will find shuttle bus schedule times here - - the journey planner works for Yerevan public transport and also for suburban trains and buses.

15 days ago

Poorly organized airport.
Huge, with poor uncomfortable logistics.
Poorly organized information. Few information banners. Advertising banners are more than in quantity and size than information displays. Due to the fault of the airport, they were late for a connecting flight, as the information on replacing the terminal was changed, about which there were no information voice messages. The distance from one terminal to another was 20 minutes,

ashish sanghavi
18 days ago

bought 2 bottles of liqueur for first time from an dutyfree on 25 th sept at istanbul duty free which they didnt seal nor the person on counter informed that the same needs to sealed in case you travelling via liquor prohibited country even though they are aware of the laws and the same was confiscated at kuwait intransit becase the bottles were not sealed and the reply i get from there customer care on writing the mail is that you should have read the FAQs on there website before purchasing the alcohol , would never recommend this duty free anyone god knows where you might get stuck

19 days ago

I had read negative reviews so I was apprehensive about my first visit to the new airport. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very nice, signs are clear and useful staff are polite, friendly and helpful. Loads of shops and eating places. Altogether a great airport.

Michael Green
19 days ago

Airport too small for number of passengers waiting.Drop off /pickup congested.I was asked for my boarding pass when buying a bottle of water so they can check what items go on the plane - I did laugh out loud !

Björn Bergqvist (Swedish)
20 days ago

Arrogant och ohjälpsam personal på alla ställen där jag tilltalade en Turk, Turkar måste var det otrevligaste folkslaget i världen. Försökte ta reda på vart Mastercards Key Lounge låg, det tog mej 1,5h tills någon sa att det finns inte, kan jag ens lita på det? orkade inte leta vidare så jag bara slappade tills mitt flyg avgick.
Dåligt skyltat och dyrt är det oxå.
I fortsättningen skall jag göra allt för att slippa mellanlandning här.
Björn B

eidollah abdoli
20 days ago

This airport has most worst service to passengers. You get stress for missing your flight, even though, regestered for wheelchair assist they don't care about it and very rude. Nobady is responsible

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