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Reviews for Dakar Blaise Diagne Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Dakar Blaise Diagne Airport (DSS) in Senegal. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 1 airport passenger has written a review about Dakar Blaise Diagne Airport and gave a score of 1 out of 5.


7 months ago

Biggest lying taxi drivers. They are scammers and the one I had demanded 100 euros for what should be 12 euro trip. Unethical and untrustworthy. Don’t use them.

Norah S
13 hours ago

Do NOT stay in the airport if you are transiting through, transit passengers are restricted to an area with no food or water until just under an hour to boarding time. The officers are very unhelpful and the reason for this detention was never made
clear. So if you are transiting, arrange to leave the airport if you can, if not come armed with food and water.

Experiencia terrible
17 hours ago

This was the worst airport experience in 20 years of traveling in Europe. To change flights it took us 40 minutes walking with our suitcases (1 bus and 1 train), at 9:00 p.m. all the few cafes were closed, there were only vending machines. All the reviews say so but the staff is ridiculously rude.

Moses Leifer
20 hours ago

As a world traveler having visited 182 independent countries in 45 years I must render my opinion. How in the world can we design and construct a port for the future. An airport lacking a prime and number 1 feature, which is ramps to embark and disembark the aircraft. I’ve difficulties swallowing that. I’d prefer an explanation. Otherwise “though small” the terminal is beautiful, classy and convenient.

Letizia (Italian)
23 hours ago

Aeroporto di Treviso è il fratello minore, non nel bene ma solo nel male, di quello di Bologna, se li conosci li eviti! ma purtroppo a volte non puoi farne a meno! Troppo piccoli per il numero dei passeggeri, anche nei periodi di bassa stagione, persone sedute per terra ovunque, bagni insufficienti, aria pesante e viziata alla faccia del propagarsi dei virus. Chi di dovere dovrebbe farli chiudere fino ad adeguamento, gli aeroporti più intelligenti hanno approfittato del lungo periodo di look down per farlo.

Alex (Italian)
1 day ago

Come già scritto da tanti più di un ora x il ritiro bagaglio.... e sti STRONZI nn fanno nulla per cercare di migliorare il servizio!!!! VERGOGNA!!!!!! 1 stella rubata!!!

Diego (French)
1 day ago

Je voyage très souvent au départ de Lyon.
La fermeture du T2 rend les choses très difficiles. L'enregistrement au T1 est long, des queues sans fin au risque de louper son vol, même en venant 2h30 à l'avance pour un vol vers Bruxelles, c'est limite.
Les agents du contrôle de la sécurité se prennent pour ce qu'ils ne sont pas jouant les cow-boys. Disgracieux, négligents, irrespectueux, voire agressifs. On a l'impression d'avoir à faire à une bande de salariés, là pour freiner le système et pas le faciliter. La conception du T1 n'a pas été bien conçue, on monte et on descends tout le temps. J'ose à peine parler du contrôle des passeports - surtout lorsque l'on voyage à l'intérieur de l'espace Schengen.....On débarque de l'avion, on monte un escalator, le contrôle automatique - lorsqu'il fonctionne, et là encore, on doit redescendre pour récupérer les bagages. Une perte de temps inconcevable.
Je trouve que pour une ville aussi orgueilleuse et pretentieuse, son aéroport n'est pas à la hauteur. Des détalles de couloirs sans tapis roulant, sauf un lorsque l'on arrive de la gare.
Un salon grand voyageur hors de prix, même pour les fréquents flyers, business etc.
Un élément positifs, la navette Rhône Express, rien à dire

Davide (Italian)
2 days ago

Il peggiore aeroporto che frequento durante I miei viaggi SETTIMANALI. Attese interminabili. SPORCO E DEGRADO. PERSONALE DI SERVIZIO INEFFICACE E INESISTENTE. NON AGGIUNGO ALTRO.

Mrs angry
2 days ago

My two nieces are currently travelling back to the Uk from Reina Sofia. Whilst traversing security they were asked “are you bad girl? Eh?” And another guard shouted at them both “aye,aye,aye”!!! Under no circumstances is this behaviour unacceptable or professional. I don’t care what country you work in, this is disrespectful and disgusting behaviour. Who the hell do Tenerife security “women” think they are? My nieces are not targets for Spanish bullies with their own agendas and I WILL be filing a complaint with the airport authorities. I’m disgusted and angry. No provocative, no justification! Abhorrent behaviour… I would rate minus if I could. They’re sick!

Nait mourad (French)
2 days ago

Mardi 7 Mars 2023 je prends le de 9h50 à destination de Bordeaux,je tiens a dénoncer le comportement honteux des policiers qui étaient devant la porte d’accès à l’intérieur de l’avion.
Ils voulaient me prendre de force des choses dans ma valise et après mon refus l’un d’eux avec la complicité de deux autre policiers un homme et une femme m’a volé 3 billets de 2000 da pour se les partagés a trois.
J’était enragé et en colère et ils m’ont demandé de me taire sinon je ne voyagerai pas.
J’ai du malheureusement céder pour ne pas rater mon voyage mais j’espère que les responsables liront ce commentaire.
Je demande des conseils et de l’aide pour faire payer a ces voleurs leurs actes et pour que cessent ces comportements honteux qui nuisent à l’image de notre cher pays.
A qui dois je m’adresser pour sanctionner ces voleurs en uniformes.

3 days ago

What happened to OUR airport. I have traveled internationally many times, Rome, Amsterdam, London, Malta, Bahamas, Barbados, USA, Dominican etc. etc.. I have only traveled twice now since the pandemic. The first time after Covid I went to Barbados. No issues. Just went to Dominican and it took almost 2 1/2 hours to get checked in and through security. I DID ALL THE ONLINE BOOKING AND CHECK IN ONLINE!! On the way back was the real beauty, went to get our checked bag and it was announced flight 187 baggage would be on carousel 7. Then another announcement, sorry flight 187 baggage will be on carousel 10..so we all went over to that carousel like a bunch of lost penguins...sorry, flight 187 baggage will be on carousel 9...Wtf. 1 1/2 to get 1 bag!!! This is our airport and I am a proud Canadian but if I weren't from here I would never want to go through Pearson again. Actually, I'm hoping Porter will be going to more places so I won't have to go through such crap to go somewhere/return. I would give my last experience 0 stars but it won't let me. Come on! this was a world class airport not long ago!

Wizz (French)
4 days ago

Joli aeroport mais rien ne va ! 1/2h de marche entre terminaux sans aucune autre alternative, pas de prise pour recharger son telephone, pas d'espace fumeur, panneaux d'indication minuscules, mal placés et tres espacés les uns des autres, transit de nuit possible mais tout est fermé en ce qui concerne la restauration.... a eviter absolument, les mecs qui ont pondu ce lieu ne doivent pas prendre souvent l'avion.

Marco (Italian)
5 days ago

Il peggior aeroporto che abbia mai visto… e ne ho visti tanti.
Aree comuni sporche e trascurate. Ti senti trattato dal personale food come un profugo
Disorganizzato in tutto
Spazi comuni non ottimizzati
Tavolo per mangiare scarsi e carenti
Illuminazione cupa
Figuratevi io avevo chiesto per la vip lounge che è indicata nella segnaletica ma non esiste
Personale tutto scontroso e scocciato anche duty free
Solo per passaggio obbligato altrimenti non abbiate attese o voi che viaggiate…very bad 🙃

Denise (Italian)
5 days ago

Personale estremamente scortese e supponente, mancanza del rispetto della privacy, bagni sporchi

Francesca (Italian)
6 days ago

Mille volte sono partita dall' aeroporto di Pisa per raggiungere diverse destinazioni e lo trovo sempre peggio, code infinite per i controlli
( due apparati sono sempre chiusi) personale maleducato e nervoso, trasferendo così l'imbarazzo tra le persone che si accalcano sia per i controlli sia passati questi ultimi. Dove anche per i gate si formano file infinite per colpa del poco spazio, i due bar ristoranti che si trovano all interno apparte essere molto cari, si presentano sporchi e con i frigoriferi caldi e aperti. I due bagni spesso chiusi. Incredibile. Un aereoporto dovrebbe essere come un biglietto da visita per chi entra nel paese . E questo di Pisa fa' tutto meno che una buona impressione.

6 days ago

Very poor service today at Lyon airport. The queue for security was extremely long and badly managed. Two scanners down at one time and no information from staff. Passport control was almost as bad. Will use Geneva in future.

Ivan (French)
7 days ago

Pour déposer quelqu’un 10 euro pour moins de 15 minutes… ce matin 06/03

Carol Haldane
7 days ago

One of the most stressful experiences at an airport I have ever had. From horrendous waits to get through security to feeling lost a lot of the time. The staff are very very rude and highly unprofessional. I never want to visit Berlin again because of this !

Deepblue (Italian)
8 days ago

Un aeroporto davvero poco friendly. Pessimo direi controlli come se fossimo bestie nonostante la priotity della business si vole internazionale. Controlli assurdi si mio figlio di 6 anni come fosse un corriere dei narcos. Scorbutico sotto ogni aspetto. Mai piu

8 days ago

Worst airport and customer service.

Niko (French)
8 days ago

Difficultés d’organisation pour ce petit aéroport de province. Plus de 45 minutes d’attente dans l’avion pour le chargement des bagages … un manque de personnel criant

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