Car rental at Dublin Airport

Car rental companies

The car rental companies Hertz, Budget, Avis, Dooley, Enterprise and Europcar have an information desk in the Arrivals hall of Terminal 1 and the multi-storey car park of Terminal 2.

Compare prices of well-known car rental companies and local suppliers at Dublin Airport through EasyTerra Car Rental and, save time and book online.


  1. Make an online reservation, directly at the car rental company or through a reliable comparison site like EasyTerra Car Rental. Never arrange your rental car upon arrival at the airport, as you will spend a lot more time at the counter and you’ll risk that the rental company is sold out.
  2. You can make an online reservation, for which you will need a credit card on your name. To rent a car, credit card companies require the rental agreement and the cardholder to be one and the same person. At the time of rental the car hire company will require a credit card hold, which can be seen as a security deposit.
  3. It’s wise to tick the ‘full protection’ box when booking your rental car, as the insurance company will cover most damages. If for instance you are involved in a total loss accident, the insurance will cover all costs (minus the obligatory deductible excess). Unfortunately you can’t automatically assume that the insurance company will cover every form of damage; tires and glass usually require an additional insurance.
  4. Fuel wise it’s best to go the full to full way, opposed to the full to empty policy where upon pickup the tank is full and you bring it back without filling it up. The car rental company will then fill up the car for you, but will charge you
    with a much higher fuel price than the regular price at the petrol station.
  5. Car rental rates are often calculated per 24 hours. If you rent a car from 12:00 to 11:00 the next day (2 days), then you’ll only be charged for one day (23 hours). This means that planning in your pickup and return wisely can save you tens of euros. This is especially interesting for short rental periods.

Services that usually require an additional charge:

  • Extra driver
  • Renting navigation (if not built in)
  • Supplement for younger or older drivers
  • Insurance for glass, wheels, roof and underbody
  • Passenger insurance (liability insurance is usually included)


Nowadays it’s very easy for car rental companies to recover fines from the client, for example for speeding or parking tickets. A fine will also be forwarded to you by mail or email. You are obliged to not only pay the fine but also the costs for forwarding the penalty. This administration fee is between € 25 and € 50. Our advice… Stick to the traffic rules and drive carefully! offers free information through its own websites and partners. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned. Use for commercial purposes requires permission from, see the disclaimer.