Transportation to and from Dublin Airport


What is de distance from Dublin Airport to the centre of Dublin?

The distance between Dublin Airport and the city centre is 7.5 miles / 12 kilometres, it takes 20 minutes by car. Please take into account a journey takes longer during peak hours.

From DUB Airport to Dublin City centre by Car
12 km
20 min

Public transport

Bus to Dublin

If you do not bring much luggage with you it is possible to travel with bus line 16 or bus line 41, both operated by Dublin Bus. These buses are a cheap alternative to the express bus services and almost as fast. The buses depart on a regular base from the airport and out of the city, on average every 15 minutes. The final stop of bus line 16 is Ballinteer (Kingston), the stop in the city centre (O’Connell Street) can be reached in approximately 45 minutes. Bus line 41 runs to Abbey Street Lower in the centre of the city, the journey time is 45 minutes.

Bus tickets
Tickets cost € 3.30 per person and are available from the bus driver. You can only pay with cash, preferably the exact amount. The bus ride is cheaper (€ 2.60) if you are in possession of a reusable plastic Leap Card. Please consult website and timetable bus line 16 and bus line 41 for more information.

Be well prepared before arrival ⇒ buy tickets for the Airlink airport bus and skip-the-line admission tickets for the most famous attraction of Dublin: Guinness Storehouse, including Guinness Pint with view in the Gravity Bar:)

Bus services

Airlink to Dublin

There are two express bus services between the airport and the city, you can choose between Airlink (route 747) and Aircoach. The Dublin Bus airport service Airlink is the cheapest of these two and therefore the most popular with travellers. On the bus is sufficient space for luggage.

Every 10 to 15 minutes a bus departs from Dublin Airport via the Dublin Port Tunnel to the railway station Dublin Heuston. In the centre you can get off the bus at bus stops O’Connell Street and College Green & Temple Bar, travel time from the airport to these stops is around 40 minutes.

Airlink tickets
Tickets can be purchased online, at the airport and aboard the bus. The train station Dublin Heuston has rail links with Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Galway and other places in Ireland. Dublin Bus warns passengers travelling to the airport between 15:00 and 19:00, a bus journey may take up to an hour during these times. Please consult website and timetable Airlink for more information.

TIP: Pre-book a bus transfer from Dublin Airport to the city centre and take the worry and stress out of your arrival.

Prices Single Return
Adults € 7 € 12
Children € 3 € 5


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