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Parking at Düsseldorf Airport

Official parkings

Düsseldorf Airport has space for more than 20,000 cars, a large number of these parking places are sheltered. The large parking area is divided in Terminal (Orange: P1, P2, P3, P7 and P8), Langzeit (Long-term, Yellow: P4, P5 and P22) and Langzeit-Spar (Long-term economy, Red: P23, P24 and P26). The last mentioned car parks are the most economical, because of the beneficial Langzeit-Spar rate. It is advisable to book your parking space in advance through the official website to make sure you will have a parking space. From P24 and P26 it’s a 15 to 20 minute walk to the airport. You can travel by SkyTrain between the airport and Düsseldorf Flughafen railway station, the monorail also stops at Parkhaus P4/P5.

Parking (time) P1 P2, P3, P7, P8 P4, P5, P22 P23 P24, P26
60 minutes 7 EUR 4 EUR 52 EUR 45 EUR 49 EUR
1 day 38 EUR 26 EUR 52 EUR 45 EUR 49 EUR
2 days 76 EUR 52 EUR 52 EUR 45 EUR 49 EUR
3 days 114 EUR 78 EUR 72 EUR 50 EUR 49 EUR
1 week 266 EUR 182 EUR 72 EUR 72 EUR 49 EUR
2 weeks 532 EUR 364 EUR 103 EUR 103 EUR 80 EUR
3 weeks 798 EUR 546 EUR 134 EUR 134 EUR 111 EUR

Please check out the full list of parking prices at Düsseldorf Airport.

Parking map

Alternative parking options

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