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Reviews for Düsseldorf Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) in Germany. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 14 airport passengers have written an airport review about Düsseldorf Airport with an average score of 1 out of 5.


2 days ago

Like other reviewers have said, extremely rude staff. We got to security, and we did everything as usual. Turns out we were using a security tray line that was closed and we didn't notice it. From the other line, a security man started shouting in German. We don't speak German. He kept being rude and unnecessarily shouting, because I had a knit cardigan and he wanted me to take it off. I speak English and told them so, no need to be this rude. One security female seemed to tell him he was being rude, but it was said in German. The rest of the staff did absolutely nothing, did not care. Do not expect to be well treated if you cannot speak German.

Rachael Lyons
8 months ago

Dreadful experience. Made my disabled daughter stand queuing for an 1 hour for security. No provision for disabled people. Staff rude. Toilets disgusting with overflowing nappy bins.

Yannis Tourcomanis
2 years ago

A horrible experience from a so-called international airport. Parking staff are very rude. They do not speak English and are clearly annoyed when one does not speak German. I Pre-Paid for the parking and received a confirmation, only to have to pay it again upon my return because ticket stub was corrupted. Instructions at gate only in German. No one responding to help button at the exit bar. Had to back-up and create a traffic jam. No parking attendant on duty and when they did show up (it was only 6pm on a weekday), did not speak English and did not care to check that my reservation was pre-paid and issue me a new ticket. Was basically told in sign language to either pay again or just be stuck there in a very rude manner. Written a mail asking for a refund and attaching all the documentation details only to receive an automated response mail a week later informing me that they are still working on the issue. All this during a very slow Covid-19 travel period with obviously very light traffic. Can you imagine when it traffic goes back to normal. Not only are they totally clueless about customer experience but so are their automated email bots...Avoid at all costs unless you have no other option.

Mark Best
4 years ago

A very bad experience here for my wife and I from the most obnoxious man that we have ever met.

We departed from gate C and consider ourselves to be frequent flyers, but we don’t speak German.

At security we took out liquids as usual but it would seem that we placed them in the wrong type of tray. Instead of explaining the security man was very rude to my wife and I. At one point he was shouting at my wife “ PUT IT BACK, PUT IT BACK”, she politely explained that she was unsure what she was doing wrong and his reply was “25 MILLION CUSTOMERS A YEAR ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO APART FROM YOU TWO”..

Clearly no need to be rude and I doubt we would have been as polite back in any other place for the fear of missing our flight.

After security I complained to his manager who spoke to him yet he didn’t apologise to us.

4 years ago

Pretty well organised airport with easy navigation and clear directions. If you used online check-in you can get to the gates pretty easy. The security check is fast and solid. On return flights it is just as easy. Getting to the airport by car or public transport is easy too. Finding the airport shuttle was confusing at first but it gets you to the nearby train station fast enough.

4 years ago

Good medium-sized airport with all facilities needed. There were no waiting lines for the security check. I prefer this airport over Düsseldorf Niederrhein Weeze.

Marcello (Italian)
24 days ago

File ai controlli interminabili, al check-in, su 10 body scanner ne tengono aperti solo due. Il personale all'imbarco parla esclusivamente in tedesco. Personale altamente scortese. Il mio viaggio si è trasformato in incubo. Un consiglio... se proprio non potete fare a meno recatevi in aeroporto con congruo anticipo perchè a me hanno fatto perdere il volo e spendere ulteriori 700 euro per rientrare a casa. Che gente!!!!!!!

Paolo (Italian)
4 months ago

Mai stato in un aeroporto peggiore di questo. Due slot aperte per i controlli con centinaia di persone in coda. Personale scortese che parla solo in tedesco. Negozi chiusi alle 5 del pomeriggio. Servizi igienici indegni, pochi e sporchissimi. Veramente mai visto un servizio peggiore.

Davide (Italian)
6 months ago

Mai visto un aeroporto così disastroso. Manca personale al check-in, su 10 body scanner ne tengono aperti solo due. Inevitabili le code di ore, gente furibonda, voli in ritardo per tirare fuori i bagagli dei passeggeri che non sono riusciti ad imbarcarsi a causa delle lunghe code. Ho dovuto usare due volte questo aeroporto in settembre, per motivi lavorativi ed in entrambi i casi ho perso la connessione causa ritardi. Ve lo sconsiglio vivamente!

Serena (Italian)
7 months ago

Personale poco cortese che parla solo tedesco e nemmeno inglese,
In tutto l’aeroporto non si trova niente da mangiare senza glutine, il più brutto e disorganizzato aeroporto mai visto

Led (French)
7 months ago

Pire aéroport de tous les temps, personnel hautain et pas respectueux. Personne ne nous réponds, nous attendons 2h nos valise et personne ne nous préviens de l’attente. Vraiment je vous le conseil pas tous des fdp

Velija (French)
9 months ago

Des voleurs!!!! La douane ouvre les valises, récupère des objet "dangereux" pour les revendre

Formica (French)
1 year ago

1 semaine au P1 U1 facturée 304€!!!! A ce prix j’espérais au moins que la voiture soit nettoyée

Marco (Italian)
3 years ago

Shitty airport. Security guy was stupid in a way l have never seen. Controls waaaay too slow for nothing. Personnel doesn't speak a decent English.

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