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J Orr
4 months ago

Was at Edinburgh Airport at 8am today. It was so cold. We had breakfast at All Bar One. Breakfast was warm..not hot. We moved to Weatherspoons because it was cold.
And Weatherspoons was NOT any warmer. Edinburgh Airport...PLEASE turn heating up? It is October.

8 months ago

I was refused boarding because special assistance team could not get to me in time and was forced to spend the night in my wheelchair. It was a longer story trying to sort things out but this review is not a novel... KEEP IN MIND: if you have booked the assistance with your airline and go through security check without going to the assistance desk first you are stuck. Seems departments there don't use the same system

1 year ago

Edinburgh Aiport is a nice medium sized airport. However, the airport is really overcrowded. There is not much seating room and not enough walking space in for example the check-in area.

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