Transportation to and from Eilat Ramon Airport


What is the distance from Eilat Ramon Airport to the centre of Eilat?

Eilat Ramon Airport is close to the city, the journey time by car is 15 to 20 minutes. The distance from the airport to the city centre (Mall Hayam) is 20 kilometres. It takes a little bit longer to the luxury resorts on the Red Sea (South Beach).

From ETM Airport to Eilat City centre by Car
20 km
20 min

Public transport

Bus to Eilat and Taba (Egypt)

Four different bus lines depart from Eilat Ramon Airport, more precisely bus routes 30, 31, 32 and 50. All buses run in the direction of Eilat, bus 30 and bus 50 are most popular with tourists. Bus line 30 takes passengers in 20 minutes to the bus station in Eilat and is the fastest travel option to the city centre. The bus runs every 20 to 30 minutes between Eilat Ramon Airport and the city centre, the first bus from the city leaves at 05:30 hours, the last bus from the airport at 20:30 hours. Bus line 50 runs through the Hotels Zone at North Beach via South Beach to Taba, a tourist destination in Egypt just across the border. Bus line 31 also runs to Central Bus Station in Eilat, but via a different route, which means it takes longer. Bus line 32 runs to the Shahamon district in the south of Eilat and is mainly used by locals.

Bus tickets
Tickets are available from the bus driver, the price for a single journey is only 4.20 NIS. It is also possible to pay with Israel’s travel card Rav Kav. The bus stops at the airport can be found outside the Arrivals hall (International Arrivals, Domestic Arrivals) on the right side, the buses are clearly recognizable by the green colour. In the past, Eilat Shuttle express minibuses ran between Eilat Ovda Aiport and the city, they no longer offer this service at Eilat Ramon Airport. Eilat Ovda Airport closed its doors on March 31, 2019. Please consult website Egged for more information.


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