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Reviews for Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) in Sweden. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 3 airport passengers have written an airport review about Gothenburg Landvetter Airport with an average score of 1 out of 5.


Mirva Smith
1 year ago

I'm at university studying criminology and criminal justice and when you travel to UK you need to have a passanger locater form. I went on internet an arranged for a day 2 test, I thought. When I came to do my form they asked for a booking reference number which I hadn't got. I texted the company in question and she asked me if I booked the right test? It did say day 2. This is how the companies are going to steal people's money. Anyway, I did have a written passanger locater form so I thought I was going to see if I could get through check in with that, but when I got there they said that they won't except it. I know that they can't refuse people to go home to the country they live in. They have said that on Swedish TV and well. If I want to get a fine when I get to UK that is my problem. At least in UK I can use my phone to call people I can't do that in Sweden. It's disgusting how you get treated. And I had to buy a new test and I won't get the money back for the other test I payed for.

Stefan Kjörk (Swedish)
12 months ago

Personalen i passkontrollen var väldigt sura och rent av arga. Många blev väldigt förvånade över deras beteende. Trivs man inte på sitt jobb så säg upp dig. Låt inte din frustration gå ut över andra. Vi gick genom passkontrollen fredagen den 15/4 ca kl 06:15. Förövrigt allt bra som vanligt 😃

Lennart Ziethen (Swedish)
1 year ago

Fick betala parkeringen 3 gånger pga av diverse strul. Man betalade inte tillbaka avbokade parkeringar. Man svarade inte på mail och det inskickade brevet med underlag gjorde man av med. Så småningom följde en råddig mailkonversation där man glömde?/missförstod det mesta. Slutligen vägrade man betal ersättning för allt strul utan motivering. Anmäld nu till ARN.
Ett råd parkera på hotellet i stället.

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