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Things to do around Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat Airport



Saigon Opera House: Tickets to A O Show or Teh Dar Show

Experience the richness of Vietnamese culture with this spectacular hour-long show mixing the acrobatics of contemporary circus with the theatricality of the stage, the musicality of a moon string instrument, and, above all, poetry.


Teh Dar-Vietnamese Tribal Culture at Saigon Opera House

Teh Dar is cultural show at Saigon Opera House with jaw-dropping flights, extraordinary acrobatics, and contortion performed by skilled artists.


Hanoi Opera House: Lang Toi (My Village) Show Ticket

See activities of northern village life recreated by dance, acrobatics and bamboo props in the Lang Toi show. Enjoy traditional Vietnamese music.



Mekong Delta Tour W/ Row-Boat, Kayak & Small Floating Market

Immerse yourself in the everyday life of the Mekong Delta on a 9-hour tour from Ho Chi Minh City. Get off the beaten path to kayak, cycle and take part in a cooking class.


Twilight Tour by Motorbike: See Saigon with Tiger Eyes

Saigon comes alive at night, and you’ll experience this for yourself as you cruise the city streets on a motorbike with a Tiger guide. Get an insider’s view of Ho Chi Minh City and enjoy delicacies of this 300-year-old city.


Saigon: 3-Hour Nightlife Tour by Motorbike

On this nightlife tour you’ll visit many popular attractions and see what happens in Saigon at night. A local Tiger guide will take you on a motorbike tour around the city, to a market and along the Saigon River. Enjoy an authentic local meal and a drink.

Tours and transport

Tour & transport

War Remnant Museum, Central Post Office, Notre Dame on Cyclo

The cyclo is a three-wheel bicycle taxi that appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period after a failed attempt to introduce rickshaws. A double seat is supported by the two front wheels, with the driver sitting behind.

Tour & transport

Hidden Treasures of Ho Chi Minh City Private Tour

Head off the beaten path in Saigon, beyond tourist attractions. Experience local life as you check out popular markets and discover hidden gems.

Tour & transport

Vam Sat Mangrove Forest Private Tour from Ho Chi Minh City

Vam Sat is located in Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh city. During the war against the US, Vam Sat was destroyed by bombs, yet it is now the most gorgeous world biosphere reserve of mangrove forests.


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