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Jane Hepburn
1 day ago

My husband and I arrived in your beautiful country this evening (3/10/2029) for a two week holiday to celebrate 26 years of married life only to be met with rudeness, a couldn’t care less attitude from your border staff and an inexplicable fine of 567 Turkish lira!
We had a valid Turkish visa which was issued in May 2019 and valid for 180 days. We had a holiday in Istanbul in May/June this year and loved the city so much we thought we would go again for our celebrations before our visa finished. We still had more than one more month left on the visa. When we ordered the visa, at no time did your staff inform us there would be a problem.
It seems that because my husband’s passport expires in four and a half months there was a big problem.
The visa was still valid.
His passport was still valid.
We only wanted to stay for two weeks.
We could not believe our eyes when we were told we had to pay 567 Turkish lira!!
My husband’s visa was still valid and so was his passport!
But this amount is outrageous!
And the worst thing was that no one in your visa office told us there could be a problem, even though we had entered my husband’s passport details when getting the original visa back in May.
After paying this absolutely extortionate amount of money this evening... the border guard CANCELLED the visa my husband already had and just gave him 15 days!!
He didn’t even ask what date my husband had booked a flight back to the UK.
Turkey has been one of our most favourite destinations... we love the friendly people, your amazing culture and delicious food.
It has always been so easy to get a visa, jump on a plane and enjoy a holiday here.
We had such a terrible experience today being treated like criminals and having to pay an unbelievable amount of was 11 pm at night and we were exhausted. My husband is 75 years old.
We are very very disappointed and start our anniversary holiday in an extremely angry and sad mood.
We will think twice about coming to Turkey again and tell everyone about this outrageous treatment.
We are both old age pensioners and having to pay out more than £70 for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been a shock, right at the beginning of our lovely celebrations.
We will pass on news about this terrible treatment to all our friends and describe what happened today on Trip Advisor.

8 days ago

I have had the worst experience and I wouldn’t wish this to my worst enemy. I flew from London and supposed to meet my mum who was coming from Bucharest early morning. Her plane landed and she didn’t show up although I spoke with her minutes before her plane took off. I have spent 8 h on that bloody airport trying to find my mom. Two lovely Turks tried to help me and that’s it. No one speaks proper English, you are not allowed to make announcements. Worst 8 h of my life. They literally do not care, they send you from desk to desk and that’s it. The signage is awful and my poor mum didn’t even get to passport control and she got lost on the other side of the airport. No one helped her. What I experienced in those 8 hours, thinking that something happend to her. In the end I took a cab and went to the police and after 2 hours of watching CCTV’s and a nice Russian woman that showed my mum the right way i managed to find her. Never again will I fly to this airport. I am scared for life.

9 days ago

Extremely rude personnel !!! Worst experience ever!!!

Rachid Benkhoukha
11 days ago

I have read a lot bad comments about the airport and services which its not true , i leave in england and have been in istanbul 3 times and i can say there is huge difference between the old airport and the new one, all signes are clear to read, with excellent services , BUT not enough seats inside the airport untill you get to the boarding area , may be for security reasons !!? thats the only downside i noticed.

14 days ago

Looks impressive.No free wifi to connect to relatives and look for accommodation and taxis going to Istanbul.English signage missing.Cant find any information booth.THKme TRAVEL
0850 302 52 34.booked hotel in a remote small town on Black Sea.Charged 1500 TL.No activity away from Istanbul city.When I complained I was charged another US $ 70.00.Transferred to Hotel near Sultanahmet Square.In total I paid $ 320.00.If I book through internet my total cost $90.00 for three nights and $60.00 for taxi.Charged me more than double and not the same hotel.Never go to Airport Agents they are thieves and cheaters.

Aleem Niazi
15 days ago

Its so strange people have negative impression about new Istanbul airport. I have been here twice since July 2019. Facilities are marvelous. Immigration and security process is very smooth and takes far less time than any other international airport. The seating typicality at every gate is excellent. If you have long stay overs at airport, you can take rest on long easy chairs. Only improvement areas are; WiFi facility and English speaking staff.

20 days ago

Poorly organized airport.
Huge, with poor uncomfortable logistics.
Poorly organized information. Few information banners. Advertising banners are more than in quantity and size than information displays. Due to the fault of the airport, they were late for a connecting flight, as the information on replacing the terminal was changed, about which there were no information voice messages. The distance from one terminal to another was 20 minutes,

ashish sanghavi
23 days ago

bought 2 bottles of liqueur for first time from an dutyfree on 25 th sept at istanbul duty free which they didnt seal nor the person on counter informed that the same needs to sealed in case you travelling via liquor prohibited country even though they are aware of the laws and the same was confiscated at kuwait intransit becase the bottles were not sealed and the reply i get from there customer care on writing the mail is that you should have read the FAQs on there website before purchasing the alcohol , would never recommend this duty free anyone god knows where you might get stuck

24 days ago

I had read negative reviews so I was apprehensive about my first visit to the new airport. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very nice, signs are clear and useful staff are polite, friendly and helpful. Loads of shops and eating places. Altogether a great airport.

eidollah abdoli
25 days ago

This airport has most worst service to passengers. You get stress for missing your flight, even though, regestered for wheelchair assist they don't care about it and very rude. Nobady is responsible

Natasha aksenova
27 days ago

Staff intentionally provide misleading directions that exhaust customers. They are rude and trying to keep you there. I spent 1..5 hours out of 6.5 looking for the right counter. As a result I could not visit the city. One of the information clerks said that if I leave airport I will mostly likely miss my flight. The other one said I was not allowed to go outside. Airport has no comfortable chairs or sofas. Never again.

1 month ago

Bad bad bad...Signage is too confusing. The staff are rude. I bought a few things from the grand bazaar and asked the staff there for "billing counter". She could not understand, and that's fine, but still pointed me to the correct place. Just as I was leaving she was mocking my tone. I felt like just throwing the stuff back. The other big thing is that there are no water fountains anywhere. If you need drinking water you need to buy it. Probably my last time transiting this airport.

1 month ago

Althought the airport looks nice, it takes too long to get to your gate, the signage is unhelpful, and the staff have poor English and are rude. When you get to the dutyfree section, beware! I got an icetea from Simit Sarayi and the lady who served me intentionally lied. She said it was 3 euros, which was already a lot, but on the screen and on the receipt the price was 2.56. I told her it said differently in the screen, but she repeated it was 3 euros, like she couldn't understant my compliant. I bought the icetea anyway because I was so thirsty after a 6 hour flight in the evening and I had to rush to get my connecting flight, but I regretted doing so as soon as I payed for it. I should have just got my money back! If it happens to you, either complaint until they cave or don't buy anything from there. They'll start to change once they loose money.

Yajati Kumar Ghosh
1 month ago

Worst airport ever. Staff are rude, unhelpful and racially biased. Will avoid at all cost because planning is so poor that you will definitely miss your flight if there isn't a long connection.

Joseph Cini
1 month ago

Since the opening of the new airport is very long distance to make a nternational transfer if you coming from Jfk. It took about an hour . I might not make it going back to nyc on my return it is my last time using Turkish airlines which is very good airline

1 month ago

I was quite worried after reading the negative reviews on New Istanbul Airport. We arrived a couple of days ago. We had a very positive experience. People were helpful and friendly. The airport is huge and very clean. Getting the Istanbulkart and using the Havaist shuttle was a smooth process thanks to helpful folks at the airport. I would recommend using the ATM instead of the money exchange counters.

1 month ago

Staff are very rude. They Don’t know English and purposely mislead people. The worst airport I have ever come across. Very disorganized and useless. Avoid at all cost.

2 months ago

This Airport is not user-friendly avoided at all cost
The staff and professional and so rude

2 months ago

Vertyimpressive and huge airport . The borderline police very rude no English though i tried to explain to them the situation still speaking to me in Turkish absolutely brutal police
Even the deputy officer has no English ...

Kathy Lloyd
2 months ago

It might be huge and impressive but it is the worst airport I have ever gone through.
The appalling rude staff with zero training in customer service. We had a short transfer, young kids and a family member requiring assistance. We all went running with a five year old and an 8 year old trying to find our gate with no one helping. My mother who had assistance was left with her boarding pass but not passport. They chucked her out so now she has no idea where we are and no idea how to get to gate. She nearly had a heart attack and no one would help. We all nearly missed connecting flight with her left with no passport and left behind.
Absolutely terrible airport

Ghoul (French)
14 days ago

Bonjour très belle Aeroport la Turquie voit grand certes tout n est pas encore parfait mais vu l organisation àutour des lieux de visites on s inquiéte pas
Très belle ville à voir
Mais c est. Vrai 15 min entre l atterrissage et le temps d arriver au-débarquement c est très long

Björn Bergqvist (Swedish)
24 days ago

Arrogant och ohjälpsam personal på alla ställen där jag tilltalade en Turk, Turkar måste var det otrevligaste folkslaget i världen. Försökte ta reda på vart Mastercards Key Lounge låg, det tog mej 1,5h tills någon sa att det finns inte, kan jag ens lita på det? orkade inte leta vidare så jag bara slappade tills mitt flyg avgick.
Dåligt skyltat och dyrt är det oxå.
I fortsättningen skall jag göra allt för att slippa mellanlandning här.
Björn B

Rousset (French)
1 month ago

Aéroport magnifique, mais il y a énormément à faire pour qu'il soit au niveau des petits aéroport européen, il valait mieux faire plus petit mais avec un meilleur service aux passagers :
- Toilettes très sales dans tous les coins
- prix exorbitant pour les restaurants
- même les produits locaux sont trop chères, c'est dommage, ça devrait être une vitrine pour attirer les touristes et les encourager à aller visiter la ville d’Istanbul
- impossible de se connecter au WIFI (même pas pour quelques minutes), les restaurants en ont fait un commerce très juteux, il faut acheter pour 20 euros pour avoir quelques minutes de WIFI.
- attention quand vous payez en Euros, on vous rend des livres (en vous faisant croire que ces sont des euros), en plus que c'est très chère, vous perdez encore 6 fois sur la monnaie rendue.

Jim (French)
2 months ago

Il n'y a aucun moyen de faire chauffer un repas pour bébé. Rien n'est prévu par l'aéroport (en dehors des restaurants qui refusent tous de chauffer le repas des enfants avec une mention spéciale pour Starbuck qui n'a vraiment pas été aimable...).
Les toilettes pour enfant sont sales. Nous avons vu une femme de ménage passer dans les toilettes avant d'y aller. Elle n'a rien nettoyé du tout. Pourtant, ça se voyait que la cuvette était très sale.
Sinon, comptez au moins 25mn entre atterrissage et l'arrivée au point de stationnement. Ajoutez le temps de débarquement et le temps pour vous rendre à votre correspondance. Bref, si vous avez moins d'1h30 pour votre correspondance, c'est très mal parti pour l'avoir.
Bref, ce nouvel aéroport n'est vraiment pas top.

Levreau (French)
2 months ago

Pouvez vous ce que les ultrasons que nous entendons en permanance dans l'aéroport. Après y avoir passé 24 heures je peux vous dire que c'est strident.

Jalal . Perpignan (French)
4 months ago

magnifique et énorme aéroport flambant neuf ça brille de partout et bien desservi , les prix du transport sont raisonnable, par contre globalement les prix de la zone détaxée duty free sont vraiment chers .

Naoui (French)
4 months ago

Jörgen Andersson (Swedish)
5 months ago

Till att vara så gigantisk stor,är det ändå mycket lätt att hitta rätt.
Mycket hjälpsam personal,och för en gångs skull lite leenden från säkerhetspersonalen.

Saida (French)
6 months ago

Ahmed Boubenia (French)
6 months ago

L'aéroport est bon mais le plus important c'est les moyens de transport qui sont pratiquement limité car les bus ou les taxi sont des moyens non sur notamment avec le trafic de la ville d'Istanbul.
Alors vaux mieux d'accélérer à réaliser un chemin de fer pour train ou métro

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