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3 days ago

This Airport is not user-friendly avoided at all cost
The staff and professional and so rude

3 days ago

Vertyimpressive and huge airport . The borderline police very rude no English though i tried to explain to them the situation still speaking to me in Turkish absolutely brutal police
Even the deputy officer has no English ...

Kathy Lloyd
4 days ago

It might be huge and impressive but it is the worst airport I have ever gone through.
The appalling rude staff with zero training in customer service. We had a short transfer, young kids and a family member requiring assistance. We all went running with a five year old and an 8 year old trying to find our gate with no one helping. My mother who had assistance was left with her boarding pass but not passport. They chucked her out so now she has no idea where we are and no idea how to get to gate. She nearly had a heart attack and no one would help. We all nearly missed connecting flight with her left with no passport and left behind.
Absolutely terrible airport

Jamie Sturm
12 days ago

This is the most dis organized airport I have traveled to and I travel allot, 191 flights last year, for time to Turkey and if I can avoid Istanbul in the future I will. Your line ups are absurd and un acceptable. Your people in charge of organizing and security should all be replaced or trained how to work with large crowds. I even witnessed 3 time frustrated passengers yelling at your security people. You need to organize better, you are failing miserably now, and I will not return to this country until its fixed. Ruened my vacation coming and leaving

Rizky Haratani
13 days ago

Impressive, enormous new building, but not designed or managed with passenger convenience and comfort in mind.

On arrival, the walk from the gate to the exit is way too long. There's a huge number of exchange booths (likely with a bad rate), but finding an ATM is nearly impossible without asking for directions -- I looked around for 20 min thinking that it simply can't be that hard.

There's no metro link to the city, and buses take 60-120 min depending on the destination and traffic. On the positive side, buses to the city are inexpensive (under $5), frequent and comfortable. WiFi on the bus requires sending an SMS to your number -- if I had phone service, I wouldn't need the WiFi.

Departure experience is far worse. Immigration queue was not especially long, but there's nobody managing it, so you have to walk through 8 snaking bends even though they're empty. Nobody is managing the booth queues -- nearby ones have 10 people queueing, far away ones 2 people.

There are no water fountains at all on the departure side, and you could only buy water at cafes or vending machines (for 7x the city price). All the prices are ridiculous, I think I found the airport with the highest airside vs city price ratio in the world.

Luggage carts are plentiful, but a semi-scam. You can't just take one but need to "deposit" 5 lira. Theoretically you can get a refund later, but there's no place to drop off carts near the entry to the immigration queue or departure gates, so realistically, you won't be returning them. In addition, if you don't have 5 lira exact cash, you're out of luck.

Overall, it's an impressive building, with a below-average airport experience.

17 days ago

This is the thing: the airport is huge. That is not a problem, there are many huge airports around the globe. But this airport is not user friendly: it seems they didn't build it for passengers, but to show of. I don't know what exactly, but there you go.
WIFI is almost non existent. You can build this massive building, but you cannot provide, what is today, a basic service needed for travelers. Nice!
Despite there are numerous shops, diversity is also lacking, in offer and prices. You CANNOT eat for decent here. It is impossible. Although it was opened recently, the materials, carpets, floor and walls already seem in a bad shape, probably due to the fact they built it so quickly with cheaper materials. From the moment of landing to getting into the building you need at least 35-45 minutes because it is also not "plane friendly". Taxiing takes just too much time. Flying out seems better: it requires 20 minutes. If you are connecting here, take your time. Queues for passport and security check take the same amount of time (a lot!) like at Ataturk: why building a new airport if you are not improving services?!
And the final thing from me, despite its size, each wing of the new building looks alike without any particular character, without anything that will scream "This is Istanbul", and of course this fact adds more to the confusion of passengers who have issues with orientation there.
The point of any airport is to take you places. New Istanbul Airport exhausts you at first place.
I will try to use other airports for my connections in future.

Susan Gavell
19 days ago

Signs were clearly marked in English. Staff was polite and competent. I entered with an e-visa, which was very easy to obtain. I found landing in the airport quite manageable. As the subway system is not yet complete, I took a very inexpensive, high-quality airport shuttle into the city of Istanbul. Upon leaving Istanbul, the check-in had many open counters and very little wait time. I requested a wheelchair as I had injured my leg during the trip. I was escorted to my gate by competent staff. As the airport is new, perhaps it will take some time before the entire system runs to perfection. However, the services were excellent and I had no complaints.

19 days ago

Worst airport experience ever. The staff is sooooooo rude and denigrating you will wish you paid more to avoid the experience.
To start with the airport is huge and although that may seem a good thing soon one starts realizing that walking 30 minutes hike with kids or luggage is not a fun experience. This airport was build to impress not to be functional and it isn't. There is no way to reach your transfer flight in less than 2-3 hours, impossible I tell you. and if you are going to Canada, UK or US you got to start planning for 4 hours minimum. The airport is humongous, and tiring and super expensive, a simple 200 ml water bottle will set you back 3.5 euros and its not easy to buy after security. Security is in layers, you may have to go thru more than 3 different security personnel at 3 different stages. You may think is design to make you loose your are not alone.

The staff, oh my dear, the staff deserve a dedicated review web page. Rude does not begin to describe them. Let me try to see how clearly I can describe them:
- Disrespectful , Arrogant, discourteous, disorganized, unwilling, unprofessional, un everything you may think about.,
This has been for my wife and small kids a nightmare trip with Turkish airlines, to the point that my wife and I made the promise to never ever go back to this airport no matter how attractive the offer. I assure you that couple hundred dollars more for a flight thru another airport is better. This airport was a humiliating experience.

Dont get me wrong the flight was fine, but once we landed, none of the services was there, imagine 36 minutes in a bus after the flight..A BUS!!! of course you miss your flight connection, and then you are left alone in an airport the size of 10 football fields walking cause no trams no nothing, walking I say to you, with three kids, asking people cause all the signs are directing you to is a mad house. No one speaks English nor even a broken one. Horrible.

Not enough? well the most expensive airport in the world............wait for it..... does not have wifi.

Designing an airport should be about the passenger experience, and rest assure the designer of this airport hates people.
I was heartbroken and ashamed of myself to have put my family thru this airport. I just hope that my experience avoids it to your family. Please take another route, avoid this airport.
You will see another sites with 4 and 5 stars reviews...i lived it, all those reviews are fake.They have to be.
Below I have to rate from 1 star, if I could I would rate from -3000 stars.

If there is anyone in your life that has hurt you and you wanna revenge, get them a flight with transfer thru this airport... trust me you will be avenged.

Jean Adams
20 days ago

Well, after hearing these stories about the new airport I was dreading having to transit there after coming on local flight from Edremit. We did taxi quite a bit coming in before getting off, 20 mins perhaps, but once arrived,, the airport was well signposted for both passport control and transit. The passport control was quiet and the kind officer there told me transit was on second floor. The airport is airy and the ceiling splendid. I went through to transit and had a look at the shops and a coffee which allowed me to sit in the cafe area. Again, I was dreading the thought of a huge march to the gate, but although my flight was late leaving, I was in the F gate section which was not too bad to get to and there was a travelator. Two people in wheelchairs were on my flight so someone must have brought them to the gate. I have travelled a lot with Turkish Airlines and have never had any complaints that have not been dealt with.!
My impression is that they need more passenger seating in the main airport area and get their minds off making tons of money from the duty free shops which don't have any Turkish charm, they are the same old, same old, as in any other airport. Turkey is a wonderful country and they need to advertise it more in the airport. I understand they want to be a hub airport in the Middle East, but there next step is to stop trying to make an impression and address the complaints about walking miles, have 'meeters and greeters' round the airport to direct passengers and always with a smile.
Lots more seating for waiting passengers, and suppress the desire to fleece them with overpriced food and drink. PASSENGERS FIRST AND LAST.
Saying this, the airport did have to open in a bit of a rush and I am sure very soon a lot of niggles will be addressed and the access routes to Istanbul City sorted out with the new Metro and other improvements. I had my passport checked five times but I am not complaining, at least they are taking security seriously in a volatile area of the world. In 12 months, I think we will be seeing some good changes. It is an ambitious project and frankly for the size it is, there was no where nearer to Istanbul it could be sited. All airports have problems with capacity, including Heathrow. I wish Turkey the best for this new venture.

Ariel Cessario
1 month ago

Worst airport ever. They have build it this big just for trying to put more stores in it, but the attention in general is awful, the transportation impossible to use, the prices extremely high, the personnel is completely unhelpful. I'd like specially mention the personnel of Turkish Airlines, avoid this company at all cost, it will only be a problem for you. In my case, every one in here tried to scam me, not even one person showed a drop of empathy or tried to help in any way. The manager in the Hotel Desk (I think she was called Arzu Ayzin, was such a mean person, and I'm using her name just because she really was mean, a person you should avoid no matter what, she would only rejoice in your sorrow). If you are out of battery and you can't embarc yet, well... there is only one socket in the whole airport, the second biggest one in the world, and only one plug. Internet connection, only for 15 minutes, download the app in that time or your are screwed. So, in conclusion, avoid this place, you wont have a great memory from Turkey because of this, and it's wrong, this place shouldn't be the first impression of any country.

1 month ago

Airport looks good. But its system and service are so bad. They never care passengers convenience. They don"t even have power outlet as if this is new airport. Never recommend this urgly airport for transit.

adam conrad
1 month ago

Awesome airport. They just need to complete the railway and finish the other runways. Loved it.

Jay Daniels
1 month ago

A huge change from the old airport which did have a lot in a small area including a Hotel inside the airport, but it was time for a change. On arrival found the staff at the New airport and those at the Bus terminal to be so very helpful and friendly. On departing a week later, was very impressed by the size and available facilities, so much to explore, I enjoy walking and getting the circulation going before a flight (To help avoid DVT!). I find a lot of new and old airports around the world are in fact quite small and with a few hours inside, you end up walking to the same places in a constant loop like a mad Bear in a Zoo, but not the new Istanbul airport. The shops and lounges were impressive, some souvenir items were selling for less than what we paid in the City : ( , but most were more, and were of good quality. There's a lot of "new" but tired airports in the World, it was refreshing to be at the new Istanbul airport as it had a fresh feel about it, we wouldn't have minded a longer stay at the airport to explore more. As time passes I'm sure they will iron out the issues that other travellers have mentioned. If travelling through Istanbul, allow yourself time between flights to look around, shop eat and drink.

1 month ago

The design of the airport is highly prioritizing commercial spaces rather than the comfort of the passengers. It looks like a luxury shopping center more than a functional airport. Taxi times are quite long and making passengers quite impatient. I think operational quality of the airport is worse to mediocre considering the taxiing durations, logistic structure of terminals, and the amount passerngers spent to reach the aircrafts. Just be prepared to miss your flight.

1 month ago

Useless mania of grandeur and total lack of practicality and comfort.
Once the plane has landed it loses a lot of time on the runway before arriving at its gate, where passengers can finally get off, but even once there, you have to walk a lot before reaching a huge hall, full of shops, all foreigners and signed. No more typical Turkish shops, as there were in Ataturk airport, with Turkish objects and souvenirs.
in this they only have a small "Turkish" shop that practically only sells turkish delights. in this salon there is nothing to sit on except at the various bars, where you have to order something. Then you walk again, in total for at least an hour at a brisk pace, just to get to your gate, if you are in simple transfer, that is, without doing any practice. Only there can one sit on various benches. The airport was poorly designed as a convenience, and all this architectural style doesn't give a damn about the passengers who would need the practicality instead. Furthermore, when you landed at Ataturk airport you could admire a splendid view of the Bosphorus, which is nowhere to be seen at all. Great was the real Ataturk father of the homeland as beautiful was the airport that bore his name.

Amani Nayal
1 month ago

It’s just a disaster to start a huge airport when no service is available, and what kind of service exists now? It’s just a perfect maze to loose your next flight looking for your luggage, to loose your money and to loose your spirit in your short vacation.

1 month ago

Istanbul new airport... IST.... in a nutshell is a failure. Not only is the airport too big, it doubles the travel time to Sultanahmet. Soon landing it took 20 minutes walking to get to passport control which was easy then to walk 10 minutes again to get to the bag carousel. On leaving Istanbul the security was over the top and never seen such nonsense before,
Much worse than travelling through the old Ataturk airport. Although ataturk was overcrowded many times, it simply was a much easier airport to navigate. Sadly they got this one all wrong.... including a very strong sunset glare when walking towards the gates in the A+ area. And the intense glare on internal reflection on the way back. Istanbul... take note of Asia and see where you went wrong!

1 month ago

Very nice airport located in nowhere’s land.
Taxi time since landing untill terminal building is around 20-25 min. I don’t know why but I hope this will improve in the future.....
Very very long distances to walk inside terminal building. Although old Ist airport was over crowded, it was easy to handle specially if you travel with children and or elders.
For sure they have to improve aircraft taxi time. I wrote this in a taxi time, it’s 10 minutes now and still aproaching terminal building...

1 month ago

Exchange rate for buying is not actual & for example rate of $ for selling in airport was 4.8 Lira but out side of airport is 5.6 but when you want buy $ rate was close to 6 Lira.
And water 4 time more expensive in the airport.

1 month ago

Avoid this Airport if you have connection or transfer here!

Tonight we lost our connection (along with other travelers) because our flight didn’t show up on the Main Board with the gate and all the details. We asked at InfoPoint but they redirected us to the Main Board and another flight with a different Airline Company.

It was a mess, including trying to get new tickets for the next flight. One of the ladies at the Turkish Info said that she doesn’t want to help us anymore.

I highly advise you to try and fin a route that bypasses Istanbul. This ruined the end of our vacation and it cost us an extra 500$.

Jim (French)
18 days ago

Il n'y a aucun moyen de faire chauffer un repas pour bébé. Rien n'est prévu par l'aéroport (en dehors des restaurants qui refusent tous de chauffer le repas des enfants avec une mention spéciale pour Starbuck qui n'a vraiment pas été aimable...).
Les toilettes pour enfant sont sales. Nous avons vu une femme de ménage passer dans les toilettes avant d'y aller. Elle n'a rien nettoyé du tout. Pourtant, ça se voyait que la cuvette était très sale.
Sinon, comptez au moins 25mn entre atterrissage et l'arrivée au point de stationnement. Ajoutez le temps de débarquement et le temps pour vous rendre à votre correspondance. Bref, si vous avez moins d'1h30 pour votre correspondance, c'est très mal parti pour l'avoir.
Bref, ce nouvel aéroport n'est vraiment pas top.

Levreau (French)
21 days ago

Pouvez vous ce que les ultrasons que nous entendons en permanance dans l'aéroport. Après y avoir passé 24 heures je peux vous dire que c'est strident.

Jalal . Perpignan (French)
2 months ago

magnifique et énorme aéroport flambant neuf ça brille de partout et bien desservi , les prix du transport sont raisonnable, par contre globalement les prix de la zone détaxée duty free sont vraiment chers .

Naoui (French)
2 months ago

Jörgen Andersson (Swedish)
3 months ago

Till att vara så gigantisk stor,är det ändå mycket lätt att hitta rätt.
Mycket hjälpsam personal,och för en gångs skull lite leenden från säkerhetspersonalen.

Saida (French)
4 months ago

Ahmed Boubenia (French)
4 months ago

L'aéroport est bon mais le plus important c'est les moyens de transport qui sont pratiquement limité car les bus ou les taxi sont des moyens non sur notamment avec le trafic de la ville d'Istanbul.
Alors vaux mieux d'accélérer à réaliser un chemin de fer pour train ou métro

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