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Transportation to and from Jersey Airport


What is the distance from Jersey Airport to the centre of St Helier?

The island’s capital, Saint Helier (also written as St Helier), is at 8 kilometres / 5 miles from the airport. By car you will need 15 minutes to get to the city centre (Royal Square).

From JER Airport to Saint Helier City centre by Car
8 km
15 min

Public transport

Bus to St Helier

Bus number 15, operated by Liberty Bus, runs between the airport and Liberation Station in St Helier. This is St Helier’s central bus station, from where several buses leave in all directions. At the airport, bus number 15 departs from the Arrivals Terminal. On the way back you can get off at the Departures Terminal. From Monday to Saturday buses run every 15 minutes from and to Jersey Airport, on Sunday they leave every 30 minutes.

Travel time between the airport and the city centre is 30 minutes. The last bus from Jersey Airport leaves every day of the week at 23:20 hours, the first bus from the bus station at 05:25 hours. The bus makes several stops, you can, for example, also get off at Red Houses and St Aubin.

Bus tickets
Tickets are available from the bus driver, costing £ 2.00 for adults and £ 1.00 for children under 16 and students. Children younger than 5 years of age travel for free. Please consult website and timetable bus number 15 for more information.

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