Transportation to and from Katowice Airport


What is the distance from Katowice Airport to the centre of Katowice?

The centre of Katowice (Rynek market square) is located at a distance of 33 kilometres / 20.5 miles from the airport, travel time by car is more than 30 minutes.

From KTW Airport to Katowice City centre by Car
33 km
30 min

Public transport

Bus to Katowice

Since December 2018 you can travel by airport express buses to and from the airport, these public buses depart to various destinations. AP2 and AP3 bus services run every 60 minutes to Katowice, which means every half hour you have a travel option between Katowice Airport and the bus station Katowice Dworzec next to the main railway station. Bus line AP2 runs via Sosnowiec, a middle-sized city in Poland. The journey time to Katowice is 1 hour. Bus line AP3 is a non-stop service with no intermediate stops, travel time between Katowice Airport and the bus and train station of the city is 45 to 50 minutes. Bus line AP1 won’t take you to Katowice, but offers a connection to Piekary Śląskie, Bytom, Zabrze and Gliwice, buses leave every hour to and from Katowice Airport. The timetable of bus line AP4 is synchronized to airport express bus AP3, making it possible to reach Tychy during the night.

Bus tickets
Tickets are available at the ZTM ticket machine, which can be found in front of Terminal C at bus stop number 2. All public buses depart from this bus stop. You will need a 24-hour ticket to travel with the airport express buses. A single journey costs 14.00 PLN (3.20 euros), children up to 7 years and elderly from 70 years pay a reduced rate of 7.00 PLN (1.60 euros). From the bus driver you can only buy tickets using cash money. Moreover, it is possible to pay using a ŚKUP card. Please consult website and timetables airport express buses for more information.

Bus lines:
AP1 Pyrzowice Port Lotniczy – Piekary Śląskie – Bytom – Zabrze – Gliwice
AP2 Pyrzowice Port Lotniczy – Będzin – Sosnowiec Dworzec PKP – Katowice Strefa Kultury – Katowice Sokolska – Katowice Dworzec
AP3 Pyrzowice Port Lotniczy – Katowice Dworzec
AP4 Katowice Dworzec – Tychy Dworzec PKP

Bus services

Matuszek to Katowice and Kraków

The main railway station of Katowice is also accessible by Matuszek’s shuttle bus service, it’s one of the providers of airport transfers at Katowice Airport. Next to this service, Matuszek provides bus transportation to and from Kraków. The bus stop in Kraków is located at the main bus terminal (Malopolskie Dworce Autobusowe). The bus station is situated next to the train station (Kraków Glówny), north-east of the city centre. Bus transfers between the airport, Katowice and Kraków coincide with flight schedules of most airlines at the airport. Travel time is 40 minutes to Katowice, a journey to Kraków takes longer (2 hours).

Below you can find the prices for a transfer between Katowice Airport and Kraków, a bus ride to and from Katowice is obviously cheaper (20 PLN / 40 PLN). You are guaranteed a seat, if you book your ticket online. Tickets can be purchased online up to 2 days before departure. You can also buy tickets from the bus driver, but then you pay a surcharge of 6.00 PLN for Kraków and 5.00 PLN for Katowice. At the airport the minibuses depart from bus stop number 3.  Please consult website and timetable Matuszek for more information.

Prices Single Return
Adults 44 PLN 88 PLN
Children up to 12 years 22 PLN 44 PLN


From Katowice: Day Trip to Auschwitz Birkenau

PLN 250

Pay your respects to the victims of the Holocaust during a tour to Auschwitz & Birkenau from Katowice. Travel in a comfortable vehicle then take a 3.5-hour walking tour around the UNESCO-listed heritage site as you learn about the history of WWII.


Katowice: 3-Hour Traditional Polish Food Walking Tour

PLN 120

Mix history and flavor as you take a tour of Katowice, visiting the most important historical sites and the best restaurants for a true taste of the city.

Katowice: Beer Tasting Trip - New Style of Pub Crawl

PLN 150

Katowice has a huge tradition of craft beer. The average nobleman drank about 700 liters of beer per year. At the beginning of the 16th Century, over 400 breweries were operating in Katowice. Spend an awesome night in Katowice!

Katowice: Industrial Center & UNESCO Silver Mine Tour

PLN 2409.26

Visit the industrial city of Katowice. Experience the magic of the city's famous silver mines during an underground boat ride into the silver mine.

Tours and transport

Katowice: Old Town Highlights Walking Tour

PLN 499

Experience the beauty of Katowice with a private guide on a walking tour of the historic city center. Look inside the stunning St. Stanislaw Kostka Archcathedral and learn about the turbulent history of the city.

Katowice Airport Transfer: From/ to Krakow

PLN 490

Take care of your airport transfers before your arrival to save time and money. With the best vehicles and the most experienced drivers, your journey will be safe, pleasant and truly carefree. Welcome on-board.

Katowice: One-Way Airport Transfer

PLN 500

Private Katowice Airport transfers to Krakow city with English-speaking drivers.


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