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Transportation to and from La Paz El Alto Airport


What is the distance from La Paz El Alto Airport to the centre of La Paz?

The distance from La Paz El Alto Airport to the main square Plaza Murillo in the city centre is 14 kilometres / 8.7 miles (via Ruta 3). Travel time by car to/from the airport is 30 to 40 minutes.

From LPB Airport to La Paz City centre by Taxi
14 km
35 min
BOB 80.-

Public transport

Bus to La Paz

In front of the terminal is a bus stop where bus line 212 leaves in the direction of La Paz (Centro) via El Alto. This option by public transport is especially popular with the local population, the bus fare is only 5.00 BOB for a single journey. Unfortunately, the minibuses fill up quickly, so you may have to wait a long time for a free seat, even though bus line 212 departs very regularly. You can travel by bus to and from La Paz El Alto Airport between 05:00 hours and 22:00 hours, tickets are available from the bus driver. Travel time to the city centre (Plaza Mayor de San Francisco) is 45 minutes, the final stop is Plaza Isabel La Católica in Sopocachi. It is possible to bring large luggage, but it will be packed not inside, but on top of the minivan.

Public transportation in La Paz
There are many minibuses in La Paz, each with its own number. At the front of the service you will see the bus number with the first stop at the top left and the last stop at the top right. Intermediate stops are listed on the bus window. Unfortunately, the minibus services in La Paz are not known for being very reliable, the bus driver can sometimes decide to deviate from the route. The larger city buses of LaPazBUS and of course the fantastic cable car network Mi Teleférico (3.00 BOB per ride) are a better choice in that regard. A taxi ride in La Paz, for example from the centre where most hotels are located to the big (and beautiful) bus station of La Paz, costs 10 BOB on average.

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