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Reviews for Lisbon Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Lisbon Airport (LIS) in Portugal. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 14 airport passengers have written an airport review about Lisbon Airport with an average score of 1 out of 5.


Rob Tholl
1 month ago

On Friday, 11 November 2022, I arrived at Terminal 1 at the Lisbon airport (7:30am) with my wife and two friends.
We were preparing to board United UA65, Gate 41, for a 10:15am departure to Newark, NJ.

Our passports and/or boarding passes were checked no less than four times at:
a) United check in
b) Passenger/carry on luggage screening
c) Passport check in hall
d) Gate 41

When we arrived at (c), the Passport control hall, we found we were among 600-800 people awaiting passport check by only TWO customs agents handling non-electronic passports! It took 35-40 minutes for us to get to the front of the line. The delays were so bad that a number of frantic passengers began to surge (cut through the line) claiming to others that they were going to miss their planes. This incited anger amongst the other passengers who waited in their place in line. Some like me, forced these line jumpers to stop. Some surged forward and did make it to the front of the line. NOT ONE POLICEMAN or CUSTOMS agent ever appeared to take control of these unruly people. Only after nearly 30 minutes did a third,
then a fourth customs agent finally show up to help expedite the huge back log of passengers.

Then, we arrived at our Gate 41 only to find that the seating area was roped off! The agent behind
the rope told me that we had to wait for the "police" to show up so that passports could be checked yet again!
Every United passenger had to stand in a single file line in a narrow hall way for at least another
30 minutes before the "police" (or customs agent?) showed up to again check the passports
and allow passengers to then be seated.

I never expected that I would experience this kind of 3rd world treatment in Portugal.

There is no excuse for not having the customs processing station adequately manned (with
a police presence) to expeditiously process passengers. Had fights broken out, there were no
police in that huge hall to stop the perpetrators. There is no excuse to force passengers to
stand outside of their gate and wait for customs or police officials to re-process passports AFTER
they have just been processed at the customs center!

This was a disgraceful experience that has left me bitter about Portugal.

2 months ago

Absolutely shocking.

T2 makes a cattle shed feel comfortable. Flight delays massive, people sitting on the floor, very small gates and then to cap it the airport withdrew the flight slot and we sat on the plane for 1 1/2 hours before take off.

What a miserable and never to be repeated experience

7 months ago

This is a horrible airport. Immigration line is terrible thousands of people & 2+ hours of waiting. Avoid airport

Orna N/A Berryman
1 year ago

Endless lines in passport if you're not an EU citizen. We made the mistake to book a weekend - stood 1.5 hours in line for passport control. This is not a tourist destination if they cannot handle a shorter line. Weekend in passport control was my experience. Stay home or pick a country that can welcome you.

Vera Cotta
3 years ago

Parked car next to sign P1 which costs €3.40 per hour.
Was charged €17.00!!! They told us that the sign referred to a different area under ground!!

STEFANO (Italian)
1 month ago

Aeroporto da terzo mondo. Non è degno di stare in Europa.
Volo partito con un'ora di ritardo perché non c'erano bus per accompagnare i passeggeri all'aereo.

Daniela chiarini (Italian)
3 months ago

Pessimo. Nel sito ufficiale non viene MAI menzionata la chiusura dalle 00.30 alle 3.0
Questa informazione permetterebbe agli utenti di organizzarsi diversamente.

Guillou (French)
5 months ago

Propre et bien équipé

Sandra Benedet (Italian)
6 months ago

Pessimo servizio di assistenza. In data odierna 19 giugno 2022 causa ritardo dell’assistenza, sono stati lasciati a terra due ragazzi disabili/atleti su carrozzina. I ragazzi provenienti da Funchal dovevano prendere l’aero da Lisbona per MilanoMalpensa e facevano parte di un gruppo.

Gomes fernandes (French)
6 months ago

Bonjour, Terminal 1 à Lisbonne Airport c'est le plus propre d'Europe.

Max (Italian)
7 months ago

Un delirio

Sylvia Christina (Italian)
1 year ago

Péssimo. In arrivo dall’Italia in transito per il Brasile siamo finiti alle ore 21 al terminal N, una struttura che ricorda gli aeroporti del blocco sovietico in peggio. Ristoranti inesistenti e bar squallidi ma chiusi. Mai più.

Valentina T (Italian)
1 year ago

All'andata, il 29/08/2021, in provenienza da Roma, l'attesa per il ritiro bagagli è stata di oltre un'ora! E i bagni nei pressi dei nastri erano chiusi! Al ritorno, il 09/09/2021, scandaloso funzionamento del banco check-in Ryanair al Terminal 2: file separate per ogni desk, cosa mai vista in nessun altro aeroporto del mondo(e ne ho visti tanti). Al tentativo di mettermi correttamente (ribadisco correttamente!)in coda in altra fila visto il protrarsi delle operazioni (oltre 20 minuti!) dei viaggiatori davanti, sono stata addirittura redarguita dalla hostess di turno! In tutti gli altri aeroporti esiste una fila unica e il primo desk libero chiama la prima persona in fila, è così che dovrebbe funzionare! In totale per tale dinamica ho perso oltre mezz'ora!

Daniela Agostinelli (Italian)
1 year ago

Pessimo servizio...in data 9/8/2021 in transito da Porto per Lisbona e da Lisbona a Roma (societa TAP AIR PORTUGAL tp1927 e tp 836) sono stati smarriti i bagagli di 6 persone di una crociera Giver...altri crocieristi con altre destinazioni hanno avuto analoga avventura.
Fatta regolare denuncia al momento non riusciamo ad avere nessuna informazione né tracciamento dai numeri che ci sono stati forniti...

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