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Parking at Madrid Barajas Airport

Official parkings

Madrid Barajas Airport has several parking options, of which the most important are Parking General P1, Parking General P2, Parking General P4, Long-stay and Low-cost. These are divided into three price categories, from expensive to more economical. The free transit bus service takes travellers from the Long-stay and Low-cost parking lots to the airport. At the terminals, you can find the parkings VIP car park (T1, T2, T4) and First class car park (P4), of course at a higher rate. Dropping off and picking up passengers is possible at Express car park (T1, T2).

What is the cheapest parking at Madrid Barajas Airport?

The most economical car park is Low-cost car park (T1, T2 and T3). You will have to use the free shuttle bus in order to get to the terminal. In just 3 minutes it takes you to T1, in 5 min. to T2 and T3. For long-stays at Terminal 4, we recommend Long-stay and Low-cost (Terminal T4).

Where can you drop-off passengers at Madrid Barajas Airport?

To drop-off passengers you can make use of either Express car park (T1) or Departures express car park (T2), depending at which terminal you have to be. For T2 car park you will get a discount when staying less than 15 minutes.

Where can you pick-up travellers at Madrid Barajas Airport?

You have two possibilities for picking up travellers. When your family or friends arrive on T1 you can make use of Express car park T1. For flights which arrive at terminal T2 or T3 you can make use of Arrivals express car park T2.

The “turn up and park” prices at Madrid Barajas Airport are no longer communicated through the official website. However, you can find the fares at the entrance of all official airport car parks in Spain. We recommend to pre-book your parking space online, which is cheaper. Find and book your parking space at Madrid Barajas Airport through ParkVia and TravelCar.

Please check out the full list of parking prices at Madrid Barajas Airport.

Parking map

Alternative parking options

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