Parking at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

Official parkings

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport offers sufficient parking possibilities, each terminal has its own parking. The well-known car parks are ‘Parking next to terminal D’, ‘Parking next to terminal E’ and ‘Express parking next to terminal F’. Near terminals D and E, you will find a parking garage (Multilevel parking), in front of Terminal F, there are two parking areas.

You can book a parking spot online via the website parking-svo. There are two other options (LLC Sheremetyevo parking) at some distance from terminals D, E and F, the price is 400 RUB per day. A shuttle bus takes travellers to and from the airport. You can also park close to the new Terminal B.

Parking (time) PD PE PF LLC
60 minutes 200 RUB 200 RUB 200 RUB 400 RUB
1 day 800 RUB 800 RUB 600 RUB 400 RUB
2 days 1.600 RUB 1.600 RUB 1.200 RUB 800 RUB
3 days 2.400 RUB 2.400 RUB 1.800 RUB 1.200 RUB
1 week 4.900 RUB 5.600 RUB 4.200 RUB 2.800 RUB
2 weeks 5.600 RUB 11.200 RUB 8.400 RUB 5.600 RUB
3 weeks 7.000 RUB 16.800 RUB 12.600 RUB 8.400 RUB

Please check out the full list of parking prices at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

Parking map

Alternative parking options

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