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Transportation to and from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport


What is the distance from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to the centre of Moscow?

The distance to the centre of Moscow (Saint Basil’s Cathedral / Red Square) is 34 kilometres from South Terminal Complex and 42 kilometres from North Terminal Complex. Thus, terminals A and B are further away from the city. Travel time between the airport and the city centre is 1 hour and 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it can be busy on the roads and you should take into account a car journey that takes longer.

From SVO Airport to Moscow City centre by Car
38 km

Public transport

Aeroexpress train to Moscow

The fastest travel option between Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and the centre of Moscow is the train Aeroexpress. You can get stuck in a traffic jam if you travel by car, taxi or bus, that won’t happen if you take the train. The Aeroexpress commutes between Belorussky Station in the city and the railway station at the airport, located on the south side of the airport at Terminal E. An automated people mover (APM) runs between this station and terminals A and B. The Aeroexpress departs every 30 minutes, travel time is 35 minutes.

From metro station Belorusskaya at Belorussky Station, you can travel by metro to the city centre and other parts of Moscow. The journey time from metro station Belorusskaya to metro station Teatralnaya close to Red Square is only 5 minutes.

Aeroexpress tickets
The prices are listed below, an Aeroexpress ticket including a ride with the metro, tram or (trolley) bus costs 560 RUB, the price for a subway ticket is 55 RUB. You can buy tickets for the Aeroexpress at the stations, but it is cheaper to do this online. Please consult website and timetable Aeroexpress for more information.

SAVING TIPS: Tickets can be bought at the airport, but online it is easier and cheaper (420 RUB one way, 860 RUB return). A group ticket called ‘Family and Friends’ can be used by four people and costs 1,000 RUB for a single journey and 1,700 RUB for a return (valid for 30 days). The price is the same online and from the ticket machine. Aeroexpress trains run without stopping, besides you can use free WiFi aboard since early 2015.

Prices Single Return
Adults 500 RUB 1,000 RUB
Children, 5 up to 7 years 130 RUB 260 RUB

Bus and metro to Moscow

It is more economical to travel by bus and metro to the centre of Moscow. Needless to say, taking a direct train is easier and faster. With bus 817 and bus 948 you can get in 35 minutes to metro station Planernaya (northernmost station metro line 7). With bus 851 and bus 949 it takes 25 minutes to metro station Rechnoy Vokzal (northernmost station metro line 2). The price of a bus ticket is 55 RUB or 75 RUB.

From both stations you can take the metro to the centre of Moscow, station Kuznetskiy Most for metro line 7 (travel time: 31 minutes) and station Teatralnaya for metro line 2 (travel time: 23 minutes). Metro station Kuznetskiy Most is a short distance from the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre. The total journey time is at least one hour. If the bus ends up in a traffic jam, the journey can take a lot longer.

Tickets for the subway priced 55 RUB are available from the ticket vending machines. You can also buy a day ticket (yediniy) for public transport in Moscow for 200 RUB, it is valid for 24 hours. During the night you can travel by bus H1 between the airport and the city every half hour. Please consult buses to and from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and website Moscow Metro for more information.

“The metro stations with the most central location in Moscow are Okhotny Ryad (M1), Teatralnaya (M2) and Revolution Square (M3), at a short distance from Red Square, Kremlin and GUM.”


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