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Transportation to and from Panama City Tocumen Airport


What is the distance from Panama City Tocumen Airport to the centre of Panama City?

The distance from the airport to the centre of Panama City (Iglesia del Carmen) is 22 kilometres, the journey time is approximately 30 minutes. Most hotels can be found between Panamá Viejo in the northeast of the city and Casco Viejo in the southwest of Panama City.

From PTY Airport to Panama City City centre by Car
22 km
30 min

Public transport

Bus to Panama City

It is possible to travel between the airport and the city by public transport, but you need a Metrobus card which is unfortunately not available for sale at the airport. Nevertheless, If you are already in possession of the card it is possible to charge it at the airport. Thus, it seems that the airport wants to discourage tourists from using public transport and make sure that tourists use the more expensive shuttle bus services and taxis. If you are not in possession of a Metrobus card, you can ask a fellow passenger, while waiting at the bus stop, to pay for you. It happens that there are no other people waiting for the bus with you, in that case, you can ask someone on the bus to pay for you. The price for the express bus is $ 1.25, you could give the person who helps $ 2.00 in cash if they pay for you. For the local buses, the fare is $ 0.25, in that case, you could give your fellow passenger $ 1.00.

To get to the bus stop, you have to follow the signs inside the North Terminal, these signs will point you to the bus stop alongside the main road. From here the express bus runs directly to ‘Corredor Sur – Albrook’, this bus takes the motorway (Corredor Sur) to the centre of Panama City and beyond. If you want to go to the historic centre, you can get off at ‘Estacion Maranon – Bahia C’, from here it is a 15-minute walk to Casco Viejo. All buses that are not named ‘Corredor Sur’ are local buses. They are cheaper but need more time. If you use the local bus, it is best to take the bus to ‘Via España’, ‘Tumba Muerto’ or ‘Transístmica’, which all stop at the metro station ‘Estación San Miguelito’.

From here you can continue your journey with metro line 1 in the direction of Albrook, you can also buy a Metrobus card for future use. Metro line 1 runs between San Isidro Station and Albrook Station which is close to the main bus terminal and Pama City’s second airport, Panama City Albrook Airport. For a metro ride, you will pay a price of only $ 0.35. Panama City’s most centrally located metro station is ‘Iglesia del Carmen’. If you want to go to the historic centre of Panama, you can get off at the metro station ‘Estación 5 de Mayo’. Travelling like this from the airport to the city is not recommended if you have a lot of luggage with you, in that case, you better choose a cab or shuttle bus. Please consult public transport Panama City Tocumen Airport for more information.

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