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Robert Rae
5 months ago

Terrible airport. Took 90 minutes to get through security. Total chaos. Unhelpful staff. Never again.

6 months ago

I found price tag associated with Pula airport transfer pretty expensive. It is only 7 kilometers away from city center. A lot of flights there, but they do only 3-4 bus rides daily...
We agreed on 100 HRK ride from bus terminal to airport, the regular price is 150 HRK.
I was told that for Norvegians they offer the same ride (7 km) for 500 kuna.
It should be regular bus connection to Pula Airport!

julia fuller
7 months ago

Beware if leaving from Pula airport. We were told that 1 hour was sufficient time by our taxi driver. However it took almost 1 1/2 hours to get through security checks and passport control on leaving. It was chaos with no-one controlling people pushing in. As a consequence we almost missed our flight.

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