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Transportation to and from Rabat-Salé Airport


What is the distance from Rabat-Salé Airport to the centre of Rabat, Salé, Temara and Kenitra?

The distance from Rabat-Salé Airport to the centre of Rabat (Medina) is 11 kilometres / 6.8 miles, the distance can be covered in 25 minutes. The centre of Salé (Medina) is closer to the airport. The intermediate distance is 9 kilometres / 5.6 miles and the journey time 20 minutes. The seaside resort Temara is further away from the airport. The distance to Temara is 26 kilometres and it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach it. Another larger city in the region is Kenitra, the centre of which is 40 kilometres from the airport. Travel time by car is at least 45 minutes.

From RBA Airport to Rabat City centre by Taxi
11 km
25 min
MAD 175.-

Public transport

Bus to Rabat and train to Salé, Temara and Kenitra

From Rabat-Salé Airport, buses run directly to Gare de Rabat-Ville railway station in Rabat. The bus leaves an hour after the arrival of each flight. From the train station, the bus to the airport leaves at least two hours before every departing flight. At the train station, you have the possibility to travel to Gare de Salé-Ville railway station by tram, this takes usually no more than 15 minutes. Trams run every 8 to 10 minutes from Monday to Saturday till 21:00 hours in the evening. On Sundays the tram runs once every 20 minutes. For the tram, you pay a fare of 6.00 MAD per single journey. You can also travel by train which runs one to three times an hour every day of the week between 05:00 hours and 22:00 hours. The price of a train ticket for this route is 15.00 MAD per person.

From Rabat you can also travel to the cities of Temara and Kenitra. The train to Temara runs once an hour and costs 16.00 MAD for a single journey. In addition, a train runs once every hour to Gare de Kenitra Medina railway station. The price for a ride to Kenitra is also 16.00 MAD per person. The journey time to Temara is around 15 minutes, to Kenitra it takes 35 to 40 minutes. ONCF is the national railway company in Morocco. Please consult website ONCF for more information.

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