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Reviews for Rovaniemi Airport

Read reviews or write a review about Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) in Finland. Provide other airport travellers with essential airport information and tell us about your airport experience. So far, 2 airport passengers have written an airport review about Rovaniemi Airport with an average score of 5 out of 5.


Yana Alexandrova
1 year ago


This week we travelled to Lapland. The airport was really small, But everything is ok. There is only one store, but I liked it, because for less than 10 minutes from landing you are out of the airport. Passport check is almost in the exit ot the sleeve from the Palin (not sure if this is the right word?!) Otside there are always buses to the centre and hotels, because their schedule is according to the flights. 7 euro to the centre. You can not get lost or make a mistake.

1 year ago

A small cosy airport, in the middle of beautiful Lapland. Clean, comfortable, and even a nice small play area for the kids. Not often very busy, so check-in goes very fast. No need to be there hours before take-off.

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