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Things to do around Santander Airport



Santander: Forestal Adventure Park Experience

Experience the fun and thrills at Forestal Park Mallorca, making your way from tree to tree and enjoying activities at levels suitable for the entire family. Choose either the family course or the sports course to determine your adventure.


From Santander : 4.5-Hour Cabarceno Natural Park Tour

See animals from five continents living in semi-freedom in Cabarceno Natural Park. Explore with your guide and have the opportunity to ride a cable car and see the park from a distance.


From Santander: Santillana del Mar & Altamira Museum Tour

Explore the beautiful village of Santillana del Mar followed by a visit to Altamira Museum and the replica of the famous Cave of Altamira.



Santander: Santander on Fire 1941 Historic Walking Tour

Discover the catastrophe that marked Santander in 1941. Travel back in time to explore the city during its gray days. Get to know the current historical center to gain an understanding of how it has been rebuilt since the tragedy.


SantoƱa: Anchovy Factory Tour and Boat Trip

Enjoy a pleasant morning visiting the fishing village of SantoƱa. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing process of the anchovies of SantoƱa, and to enjoy a boat trip along the bay.


From Santander: Cantabria Private Tour

Choose from a selection of route options to explore Cantabria during a full-day tour with a private guide. Take the opportunity to explore the East and West coasts, Picos de Europa and Potes, or The Pasiego Valleys and LiƩrganes.

Tours and transport

Tour & transport

Santander: Comillas and Capricho de GaudĆ­

Visit Comillas, the only modernist city in Cantabria. Enjoy a guided tour of the "Capricho de GaudĆ­" and the Old Major Seminar of Comillas, before concluding with a scenic drive around this wonderful small city.

Tour & transport

Bilbao: SantoƱa and Santander Cantabrian Breeze Tour

Discover the manufacturing process of traditional Cantabrian anchovies at a canning plant. Following that, enjoy exploring the cozy and quiet coastal city of Santander.

Tour & transport

From Santiago: 5-Day Private Tour of Northern Spain

Enjoy an unforgettable 5-day private tour in northern Spain with a driver and guided visits to the most important towns in this area: Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo, Santander, and Bilbao.


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