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Transportation to and from Sarajevo Airport


What is the distance from Sarajevo Airport to the centre of Sarajevo?

By road ‘Bulevar Meše Selimovića’ you can travel to and from the airport, the journey by car takes 20 to 25 minutes. The distance between Sarajevo Airport and the centre of Sarajevo is 10 kilometres / 6.2 miles.

From SJJ Airport to Sarajevo City centre by Car
10 km
25 min

Public transport

Bus to Sarajevo

It is possible to travel with a direct bus between Sarajevo Airport and the city centre. The bus service is operated by Centrotrans Eurolines, the bus timetable coincides with flight schedules of most airlines. The buses run every day of the week, the journey time is around 30 minutes. On average every hour there is a bus to Sarajevo and the airport, in the evening there are fewer travel options. Tickets can only be bought from the bus driver, the price is 5.00 BAM for a single ticket and 8.00 BAM for a return ticket. You do not have to pay anything extra for luggage.

Cheap buses
Trolleybus 103 and bus 31e depart near the airport from the district of Dobrinja. The Old Town of Sarajevo (Baščaršija) can be reached by both buses. Every 5 minutes trolleybus 103 departs to bus stop Austrijski Trg (Austria Square), and every 15 minutes bus 31e leaves to bus stop Vijećnica (City Hall). Bus 31e also stops at Drvenija, Katedrala and Latinska ćuprija / Latin Bridge. The price for a ticket is 1.60 BAM at the kiosks and 1.80 BAM from the bus driver, you have to validate your ticket before you take a seat. Both stops in Dobrinja are at 10 minutes walking distance from the terminal, travel time by bus is an additional 30 minutes. Please consult website Destination Sarajevo for more information.

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Sarajevo: Under Siege War Tour

Join a certified official tour guide on a 4 hour journey of understanding Sarajevo's destruction and salvation. Explore Sarajevo's key sites including Sniper alley, War Tunnel Museum, Trebevic mountain, Jewish cemetery, Yellow and White bastion.


Sarajevo: Grand Walking Tour

Join a journey through Sarajevo's history as you uncover its secrets and experience the mysticism of its streets and alleys! Sarajevo Grand Tour will give you an insight to the huge history of Sarajevo and small stories that make the difference.


Sarajevo: Roses of the War Walking Tour with Museum Visit

Take a unique tour and learn the terrible story of the war, and how great and good people can be to each other in time of need, before you visit the Museum of War Childhood.



Sarajevo Walking Tour, Museum Entry & Cable Car Ride

Explore Sarajevo on a guided walking tour and learn about the city’s history from its founding. See monuments that commemorate historical events like the beginning of World War I. Tour Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque and take the cable car to Trebević mountain.


Sarajevo: 1914 Archduke Assassination Tour

Go back in time to June 28th 1914, and discover how one of history's most pivotal events unfolded. Walk the streets where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place, and learn how it plunged the world into The Great War.


From Sarajevo: Srebrenica Genocide Study Tour

Learn about the Srebrenica genocide - the 1995 mass murder of more than 8,000 Muslim Bosniaks, mainly men and boys, in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. Visit a museum, memorial, and cemetery.

Tours and transport

Tour & transport

Mostar, Konjic & Vrelo Bune: Full-Day from Sarajevo

See the landmarks of Mostar, Konjic, and Vrelo Bune on a full-day tour that begins in Sarajevo. Learn about the amazing history of the area and admire its extraordinary scenery. See the pass the joins Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit the Vrelo Bune springs.

Tour & transport

From Sarajevo: Mostar and Cities of Herzegovina Day Tour

Mostar, the city famous for its Old Bridge is for sure one of most beautiful places that you will see, but it is not all that Herzegovina has to offer. Konjic, Blagaj and Pocitelj are also gems of Herzegovina, so why not see them too?

Tour & transport

Private Tour from Sarajevo: Full-Day Trip to Medjugorje

Visit Medjugorje, the Holy Place of the Catholic religion.


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