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6 months ago

Dreadful. 600 passengers arrived and were queued back to the tarmac to get fingerprinted and photographed....then another queu to validate the finger print...meanwhile those without EU passports carrying identity cards or children stroll through in minutes....utterly insane...

Colin Collins
1 year ago

Your new immigration kiosks establish a longer and welcome start to a Tenerife holiday. The new procedures are a barrier to sense. On Wednesday evening officials directed us to a long, long winding queue where each passenger had to be advised how to use the facility. Three people instructing; two officers directing passengers. Meanwhile, just a few meters away regular immigration police officials looked on...doing nothing except handle kids, non-EU passports and wheelchair pax.. These police are usually fast, polite - and helpful.

Your new system is dreadful. Seems like the bureaucrats have done it again. Brought in faster and more thorough checks which delay arrivals, increase employment, and waste services of existing staff. Passengers are such a nuiscance, aren't they? Please act. The new system does you no credit.

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