Parking at Tromsø Airport

Official parkings

Within walking distance of Terminal A and Terminal B are two parking garages (P2 and P6) and four parking areas (P3, P5, P4 and P11). In total there are 900 parking spaces available at the airport, there are several parking solutions to suit everyone’s needs. Dropping off and picking up passengers is possible at P1 Short time, parking there is allowed for a maximum of one day. P11 Outdoor is only open during the summer period, from April until October.

Parking (time) P2 P3 P6 P5 P4 P11
60 minutes 120 NOK 120 NOK 50 NOK 50 NOK 750 NOK 650 NOK
1 day 300 NOK 280 NOK 180 NOK 180 NOK 750 NOK 650 NOK
2 days 600 NOK 560 NOK 360 NOK 360 NOK 750 NOK 650 NOK
3 days 900 NOK 8400 NOK 540 NOK 540 NOK 750 NOK 650 NOK
1 week 1.050 NOK 890 NOK 880 NOK 790 NOK 750 NOK 650 NOK
2 weeks 2.100 NOK 1.780 NOK 1.660 NOK 1.130 NOK 1.090 NOK 990 NOK
3 weeks 3.150 NOK 2.670 NOK 2.440 NOK 1.470 NOK 1.430 NOK 1.330 NOK

Please check out the full list of parking prices at Tromsø Airport.

Parking map

Alternative parking options

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