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Transportation to and from Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport


What is the distance from Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport to the centre of Windhoek?

The distance from the airport to the city centre (Zoo Park) is 44 kilometres / 27.3 miles, it takes 40 minutes to cover the distance. Zoo Park is located between Independence Avenue and Robert Mugabe Avenue in the centre of Windhoek.

From WDH Airport to Windhoek City centre by Car
44 km
40 min

Public transport

Bus to Windhoek

Public buses run from Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport to the city centre of Windhoek. Buses don’t have a timetable, they operate in accordance with flight time schedules. The price for a bus ticket from the airport to the city centre is 150 NAD per person.

Discover and book tickets, activities and tours:



Pelican Point Peninsula Tour

If you have limited time in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund, spend it on a tour of the scenic Pelican Point Peninsula. Enjoy the sights of the Walvis Bay lagoon and an off-road drive and get an insight into the salt refining that takes place here.


From Windhoek: 3-Day Namib Desert Camping Safari

Find yourself in Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Namib Desert, on a 3-day camping safari. Be a world away as you enjoy a sunrise walk into Sossusvlei or while climbing the famous Dune 45.


Namibias Best 4 Day Etosha Safari Private Guide Tour

Enjoy a safari inside Etosha National Park and journey through the community-owned lands of Damaraland, starting at your preferred pickup point. Accommodation is on a twin share basis. All meals and transport are included.



Highlights of Walvis Bay, Dune 7 Shore Excursion

Experience the beauty of this coastal town, climb the massive Dune 7, let the seals of pelican point peninsula entertain you and get the best photos at the Walvis Bay Lagoon.


Self-Drive Namib Desert Adventure to Sandwich Bay

With your own 4x4 vehicle, drive into the massive Namib Naukluft National Park over sand dunes and forgotten salt pans onto the mysterious place they call Sandwich Bay. Navigate the narrow passages where huge dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean.


Kayaking and Sandwich Harbour Combo Tour

Experience kayaking among thousands of friendly seals and dolphins. Enjoy a dune drive in the Namib Desert and be on the lookout for wildlife.

Tours and transport

Tour & transport

Half-Day Swakopmund Tour from Walvis Bay

Explore the fascinating architecture, monuments and German-influenced history of this town. From the Martin Luther Steam Locomotive to the Kristall Gallerie, this Swakopmund tour provides an informative look at this coastal town.

Tour & transport

Sandwich Harbour Guided Tour

Enjoy an off-road ride into the Namib Desert, on the lookout for wildlife. See where the giant dunes meet the Atlantic and visit Sandwich Lagoon.

Tour & transport

From Walvis Bay: Moon Landscape & Welwitschia Half-Day Tour

Embark on this day tour from Walvis Bay and see a fossil. This is a 4.5-hour excursion into the arid Erongo region, including lunch and transfers. See Dune 7, Welwitschia Mirabilis, and the ancient geology that formed the Moon landscape.


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