7 tips for Currency Exchange at Airports

In most of the airports, there is a currency exchange. AirMundo.com provides you with seven tips to help you save on currency exchange.

1. You don’t have to buy foreign currency in advance

On every airport, there are plenty of ATM’s so don’t bother to have euros or pounds already in your pocket. European ATM’s work like your hometown machine and always have English-language instructions. But if you want to plan ahead, the easiest way to exchange currency at your home bank. Your bank won’t charge crazy exchange rates, because you bank with them.

2. Check the current exchange rates at airports

This tip is often overlooked, but very important. Do your homework and make sure you know approximately what the exchange rate is. Please keep in mind that any posted exchange rates will always be lower than those listed at a money exchanger or bank. The exchange rates that are posted online (mostly) do not include commissions or fees.

3. Cash withdraw in Europe

When you’re European and you are using your debit card in another European country there are no additional fees.

4. Cash withdraw outside of Europe

When you’re European and you are using your debit card outside of Europe to withdraw cash keep in mind that the bank will charge fees for it.

5. Beware of counterfeits

To avoid having fake currency in the land your travelling to, become familiar with the look and feel of the currency. If you do, it makes it easier to identify fake currency. Local currencies are all logical. Each system is decimalised just like your own currency.

6. Bank overseas for extended stays

If you’re planning to stay in a foreign country for a long period of time, it might be wise to open a local bank account and sending money overseas. A local bank account can minimise fees and it will keep your money secure.

7. Coins can become worthless when you leave a country

Keep in mind that there are a lot of big-value coins in Europe. When you’re soon flying home, make sure to spend them (food, drink, postcards), change them into bills or give them away. Otherwise, you’ve just bought a lot of souvenirs. Note, however, euro coins have a national side, they are perfectly right in any country that uses the euro currency.

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