Busiest airports in Australia

What are the busiest airports in Australia?

Air travel is a popular means of transport in Australia. The busiest airports are located in Sydney and Melbourne. The top 5 largest airports equals the top 5 largest cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide). There are five other major airports in Oceania, namely Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport, Wellington Airport, Queenstown Airport (New Zealand) and Fiji Nadi Airport (Fiji).

Top 10 busiest/largest airports in Australia, 2019

Position Airport Total passengers
1 Sydney Airport 44,428,845
2 Melbourne Airport 37,134,291
3 Brisbane Airport 24,006,025
4 Perth Airport 12,513,516
5 Adelaide Airport 8,516,171
6 Gold Coast Airport 6,486,006
7 Cairns Airport 4,778,181
8 Canberra Airport 3,238,112
9 Hobart Airport 2,781,739
10 Darwin Airport 1,950,683


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