Busiest airports in North America

What are the busiest airports in North America?

North America has many large airports, especially in the United States where most of the people live. The top 30 busiest airports in North America include 26 US airports. The largest airport in North America in terms of traffic is also the busiest airport in the world: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. However, Delta Air Lines’ main hub is not one of the busiest international airports in the United States, the busiest international airports in the United States are New York JFK Airport, Los Angeles Airport and Miami Airport. Big airports outside the United States are Toronto Pearson Airport, Vancouver Airport, Montreal-Trudeau Airport, Calgary Airport (Canada), Mexico City Airport, Cancun Airport (Mexico) and Panama City Tocumen Airport (Panama).

The main carriers in the United States and North America are also the largest airlines in the world: American Airlines (+ regional subsidiary American Eagle), Delta Air Lines (+ Delta Connection), Southwest Airlines and United Airlines (+ United Express). Southwest Airlines is a low cost airline, comparable to Ryanair in Europe. Three important moments in the history of American aviation are the merger between Delta Air Lines and Northwest in 2008, the merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines in 2010 and the merger between American Airlines and US Airways in 2013.

Top 30 busiest/largest airports in North America, 2019:

Position Airport Total passengers
1 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (Georgia, United States) 110,531,300
2 Los Angeles Airport (California, United States) 88,068,013
3 Chicago O’Hare Airport (Illinois, United States) 84,649,115
4 Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (Texas, United States) 75,066,956
5 Denver Airport (Colorado, United States) 69,015,703
6 New York JFK Airport (New York, United States) 62,551,072
7 San Francisco Airport (California, United States) 57,488,023
8 Seattle-Tacoma Airport (Washington, United States) 51,829,239
9 Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport (Nevada, United States) 51,537,638
10 Orlando Airport (Florida, United States) 50,613,072
11 Toronto Pearson Airport (Ontario, Canada) 50,449,431
12 Mexico City Airport (Mexico) 50,308,049
13 Charlotte Douglas Airport (North Carolina, United States) 50,168,783
14 Newark Liberty Airport (New Jersey, United States) 46,336,452
15 Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (Arizona, United States) 46,288,337
16 Miami Airport (Florida, United States) 45,924,466
17 Houston George Bush Airport (Texas, United States) 45,264,059
18 Boston Logan Airport (Massachusetts, United States) 42,522,411
19 Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport (Minnesota, United States) 39,555,035
20 Detroit Metro Airport (Michigan, United States) 36,769,279
21 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (Florida, United States) 36,747,622
22 Philadelphia Airport (Pennsylvania, United States) 33,018,886
23 New York LaGuardia Airport (New York, United States) 31,084,894
24 Baltimore/Washington Airport (Maryland, United States) 26,993,896
25 Salt Lake City Airport (Utah, United States) 26,808,014
26 Vancouver Airport (British Columbia, Canada) 26,379,870
27 Cancún Airport (Mexico) 25,481,989
28 San Diego Airport (California, United States) 25,216,947
29 Washington Dulles International Airport (Virginia, United States) 24,817,677
30 Washington Reagan National Airport (Virginia, United States) 23,945,527

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