Most Useful Travel Gadgets 2019

Find out about the most useful travel gadgets 2019. The year just started, which means that you can plan and discover new places for the coming 12 months. Either you are stuck like most of us with 20 something days off, you might plan a long-term trip as a backpacker or will start as a remote worker. No matter what kind of traveller you will be this year. All of the following travel accessories are helpful and great value for money. 

Pick the destination you are waiting to see for years:

  • From winter sports in Italy, wait Italy? Yes correct, skiing in the mountains of Italy is a great thing to do!
  • To upcoming summer hotspots in Europe like the Balkan states: Albania, Croatia and Macedonia are still affordable and offer a lot of history, culture and hospitality.
  • Or the destination every backpacker dreams of. Food, sun and culture: Thailand.

– The travel year 2019 promises to become great!

Hot travel accessories for every destination

As soon as you decided which airport to fly to and you booked the flight tickets, some of the essential and repeating questions are: What to take with me? What to pack? What do I really need? Well, today you will find out

Here is the list of the most useful travel gadgets in 2019!

  1. Kindle E-Reader Waterproof
  2. Eastpak Doggy Bag
  3. Water Bottle Dopper
  4. Mirrorless Camera with 4k Video EOS M50
  5. Bamboo Toothbrush
  6. Suitcase with Smart Charger
  7. Bite Away Stick presents you the top 7 travel gadgets 2019 – useful for every kind of trip

#1 Kindle E-Reader Waterproof

For most of the sunbathers, number 1 activity on vacation is reading! So far so good, but with all the baggage regulations, you can hardly fit any book in your backpack. Sunlight and spitting water from pool or sea can make reading a top challenge. With the Kindle E-reader Waterproof, you don’t have those hassles anymore. Enjoy any kind of book on your vacation, from novels to science and even books for the little ones. The best thing, the Kindle E-reader fits in your bag for sure 😉

#2 Eastpak Doggy Bag

Apropos bags! Did you hear from a doggy bag? No, that´s not the one what you carry after your dog, neither the one you take with you at home from a restaurant. That one is a great travel accessory for men as well as for women! You either wear it around your hips, probably considered as a little old school, but also a safe version! Or you put it around your shoulders. It’s something you might have seen back in the 90s and celebrating its revival in 2019! The big advantage of your new Eastpak Doggy bag, you don’t have to spend minutes searching the whole purse or backpack, you have your passport, phone, wallet and whatever else is important to you, available in a second. Choose your favourite colour and the airport is your catwalk!

#3 Water Bottle Dopper

Number three of the hottest travel gadget water bottle from Dopper is ticking all the boxes. It comes with a great price tag, it is reusable, and it supports the environment! What else could you wish for: maybe a cup? Well, don’t worry a cup comes with it. Our ultimate travel tip: Fill the bottle with some hot coffee in the morning. Drink it while travelling to the airport. Take it with you in your hand luggage through security checks and fill it up with drinking water afterwards. Saves you 2 € and the environment another plastic bottle.

#4 Mirrorless Camera with 4k Video EOS M50

Capture the moment – this is how #4 should be called. We are talking about the recently launched mirrorless camera from Canon EOS M50. The smartphone is great for snapshots. But wait until you tried this camera. After you gained some photography knowledge about closing times, ISO and blends you will never want to miss it again. An advantage of this camera is the 4k video mode. You will become a travel vlogger and travel reporter within days- but be careful family and friends will love your photographs.

#5 Bamboo Toothbrush

Have you heard about it, yet, a toothbrush from bamboo? This smallest gadget on the top 7 travel gadget list won’t only assure you of a great white smile, but also support the plastic reduction. It is made from bamboo; the bristles are bamboo fibre. You will find them in drugstores as well as online in multi packages. Some come even with a travel case.

#6 Suitcase with Smart Charger

Weird thing to imagine, that 2019 will still be a year, where electricity sometimes is rare to find. But this is the case and mostly when you need it while you are on a trip. The battery from your laptop is almost empty, your phone needs to be recharged, otherwise, you can’t even check in… there are plenty of reasons. Horizn thought so too and integrated a strong power bank in their suitcases. Which makes them not only high-quality travel luggage with many cool features but also really useful. If you want to start 2019 trendy and well prepared, the M5 cabin suitcase in the colours Marsala or Marine green is our recommendation!

#7 Bite Away Stick

What sounds like the newest chewing gum is actually a nerve saver! When mosquitos love you, you will need and love this gadget! Bite away is a small stick which heats up a tiny ceramic surface. The itching will be minimized immediately.  Sounds crazy, but actually works, completely free of chemicals. Check out the bite away reviews. wishes everyone happy travels in 2019! PS Don’t forget to share 🙂 offers free airport information through its own websites and partners. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned. Use for commercial purposes requires permission from, see the disclaimer.