Cuba, the Pearl of the Caribbean, is a beautiful island with wonderful nature and one of the most unique capitals in the world. Havana or La Habana in Spanish has over 2 million inhabitants and impresses every visitor. In Havana and the rest of Cuba, it seems as if time has stood still, partly due to the turbulent history of the country. The history of Cuba, revolutions and former leader Fidel Castro are known all over the world just like the Cuban salsa, rum and cigars. Cuba has two airlines, the national airline Cubana and Aerogaviota. However, it is not easy to book tickets for domestic flights and it often happens that flights are being cancelled last minute.

Cuba’s main airports are Havana Airport and Varadero Airport. You can exchange money at the exchange offices at Havana Airport (Terminal 2, Terminal 3) and Varadero Airport. Usually, there are long queues here, which makes withdrawing cash with a debit card or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) a lot faster.

Practical information about Cuba:

Time zone: UTC-4 or UTC-5
Currency: Cuban peso (CUP) and Cuban convertible peso (CUC)
National Day: 26 July
Airport: aeropuerto

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What are the busiest airports in Cuba?

Airport IATA Passengers
Havana Airport HAV 5,713,859
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