Finland borders the countries Norway, Sweden and Russia. The northern part of Finland is called Lapland, which forms the largest region of the country. Lapland is known for its unspoiled nature and extremely low temperatures. The majority of the 5.5 million inhabitants live along the coast of the Baltic Sea. One of these places is the capital Helsinki, a beautiful city which consists of many islands. The temperatures in this city are not as low as most people think. In the summer it is a pleasant place to be. If you want to do something on a cold day then you can step into a sauna like a lot of locals do. Almost all places in Finland are accessible by plane. The most famous airports are highlighted at this page.

Practical information about Finland:

Time zone: Eastern European Time +2
Currency: euro
National Day: 6 December
Airport: lentoasema

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What are the busiest airports in Finland?

Airport IATA Passengers
Helsinki Airport HEL 18,892,386
Oulu Airport OUL 851,542
Rovaniemi Airport RVN 455,589
Vaasa Airport VAA 162,333
Turku Airport TKU 106,022
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