The Republic of Ireland is a country of more than 4,5 million people with Dublin as its capital. The national symbols of the country are the Celtic harp and the shamrock, both symbols can be found in many places around Ireland. A quarter of the Irish population lives in the metropolitan area of Dublin. The city is full of pubs, which are overcrowded at St. Patrick’s Day. The airport of Dublin is mostly used by the national airline Aer Lingus, and is also home of the low cost airline Ryanair. offers useful information about Dublin Airport.

Practical information:

Time zone: Western European Time +0
Currency: euro
National Day: 17 March
Airport: aerfort

What are the busiest airports in Ireland?

Position Airport Total passengers (2016)
1 Dublin Airport 27,908,347
2 Cork Airport 2,230,564
3 Shannon Airport 1,749,367
4 Ireland West Airport Knock 734,031
5 Kerry Airport 325,000 offers free information through its own websites and partners. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned. Use for commercial purposes requires permission from, see the disclaimer.