Kosovo is a partially recognized country in Southeastern Europe. In 2008, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia. The country’s independence is recognized by more than 100 member states of the United Nations, but not by Serbia, Russia and China. Almost 2 million people live in Kosovo and Albanian is spoken as a first language by 95% of the population. Pristina is the capital of the small country, here you can find the only international airport in Kosovo (Pristina Airport). The country uses the euro as their currency, even though the country is not part of the European Union. Famous tourist attractions in Kosovo are the cities of Pristina, Deçan and Prizren and the Rugova Valley and Mirusha Waterfalls.

Practical information about Kosovo:

Time zone: Central European Time +1
Currency: euro
National Day: 17 February
Airport: aeroporti

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What are the busiest airports in Kosovo?

Airport IATA Passengers
Pristina Airport PRN 2,373,698

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