Luxembourg is the smallest country in the Benelux, which consists of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its capital carries the same name as the country (Luxembourg City). The flag of the country is very similar to the Dutch flag, however, the lower path is slightly different. The Dutch flag has a dark blue stripe, the flag of Luxembourg has a light blue stripe. The language Luxembourgish is the official language of the country since 1984. This language is almost similar to the German language.

Famous Luxembourgers are the brothers Fränk and Andy Schleck, two very successful cyclists. Football is the most popular sport in the country but due to the low population, Luxembourg is not very successful with football. Luxembourg has one international airport, called Luxembourg Findel Airport. You can find more information about this airport here.

Practical information about Luxembourg:

Time zone: Central European Time +1
Currency: euro
National Day: 23 June
Airport: aéroport (French) / flughafen (German)

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What are the busiest airports in Luxembourg?

Airport IATA Passengers
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