Macedonia is located in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula and has over 2 million inhabitants. The country is part of the United Nations since 1993 under the name FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). It is not part of it with the name Macedonia, because of a naming dispute with neighbouring Greece. The northern region of Greece is also called Macedonia and to avoid ambiguity, Greece does not want FYROM to use the name Macedonia.

The nation’s capital is Skopje. A third of the countries’ population lives in this city. An upcoming holiday resort is Ohrid, which is located next to Lake Ohrid. You can find useful information about the most important airport of Macedonia on this page.

Practical information about Macedonia:

Time zone: Central European Time +1
Currency: Macedonian denar
National Day: 2 August
Airport: aеродром

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What are the busiest airports in Macedonia?

Airport IATA Passengers
Skopje Airport SKP 1,868,272 offers free airport information through its own websites and partners. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned. Use for commercial purposes requires permission from, see the disclaimer.