Portugal forms together with Spain the Iberian Peninsula and has several popular holiday destinations. The Algarve in the south is very popular among the Portuguese and Europeans, not only in the summer. The capital Lisbon has the busiest airport of Portugal, while the airports of Porto and Faro are also being used by many travellers. There are five international airports, Beja Airport in the region of Alentejo is not being used for passenger flights. The airports are located throughout the country and have cheaper prices for flights than their neighbor country Spain. The following Portuguese airports are highlighted on our website.

Practical information:

Time zone: Western European Time +0
Currency: euro
National Day: 10 June
Airport: aeroporto

What are the busiest airports in Portugal?

Position Airport Total passengers (2016)
1 Lisbon Airport 22,449,289
2 Porto Airport 9,378,154
3 Faro Airport 7,632,857
4 Madeira Airport /
5 Ponta Delgada Airport /

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