In terms of area, Russia is the largest country in the world. The country is more than 400 times larger than for example the Netherlands and Switzerland. The western part of the country is located in Europe, including the capital Moscow. The eastern part of Russia is located in Asia. Moscow is the economic centre of the country and is a true metropolis where it can be very cold during the winter. The city has four airports at its disposal. The best known are Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The other two airports are Vnukovo Airport and Zhukovsky Airport. Moscow Zhukovsky Airport is the newest airport, opened in 2016.

Practical information about Russia:

Time zone: Moscow Time +3
Currency: Russian ruble
National Day: 12 June
Airport: aэропорт

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What are the busiest airports in Russia?

Airport IATA Passengers
Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport SVO 49,438,545
Moscow Domodedovo Airport DME 28,252,337
Moscow Vnukovo Airport VKO 24,001,521
Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport LED 19,581,262
Sochi Airport AER 6,760,567
Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport OVB 6,571,396
Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport SVX 6,232,318
Krasnodar Airport KRR 4,630,770
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