The most popular ski resorts near Barcelona Airport

If you want to ski in the Pyrenees, Barcelona Airport is a suitable airport to fly on. Everybody knows that the airport is especially popular with sun worshipers, but also for winter sports this is a great airport. There are plenty of flights to Barcelona Aiport, so you won’t have any trouble finding the right ticket. They also have a wide choice of car rental companies and taxis. So you are quickly on the way to the ski resort.

Ski resort La Molina – Masella (beginners & family)

The villages of La Molina and Masella together formes the Alp 2500 ski area. The name Alp 2500 is relatively unknown. The area is better known under their own names. You can buy separate ski passes for both areas or a shared “Alp 2500” lift pass.
The ski season starts here a little earlier than in many other places due to the climate. The season starts around the end of November and usually ends at the beginning of May. The reason that the season ends so late is partly due to the great snow cannons that they use.

Characteristics of the ski area
The two areas are connected by ski lift Alp 2500. Are you a novice skier or do you want to ski with your children? Then La Molina is probably the best choice for you. This area has several easy slopes. In Masella, you will find mainly red and black runs, so especially for the advanced skier a good ski area. Because of this combination of slopes, La Molina – Masella is an excellent ski area for all skiers. Even families who want a varied range of pistes, this area is perfect.

You will have little trouble with queues. There are enough ski lifts to bring everyone to the top. The area is suitable and large enough to make trips.

The prices of accommodation, restaurant and supermarkets are somewhat lower here than in other ski areas.

Distance from the airport to the ski area
The distance from Barcelona Airport to the ski area is 163 kilometres. The travel time is 119 minutes. An alternative airport is Girona Airport at 133 kilometres.


Ski resort Baqueira – Beret – Bonaigua (advanced)

Ski Resort Baqueira – Beret – Bonaigua is a popular destination for Spanish winter sports enthusiasts. The Spanish royal house itself comes here every year to ski. The area is also becoming increasingly popular with foreign guests. This is mainly due to the versatility of the ski area.

Characteristics of the ski area
Especially the advanced skier will appreciate this ski area. With many red and black runs, this is an ideal ski area for the skier who is looking for challenging slopes. The challenging hills are mainly in the villages of La Bonaigua and Beret. You can find most of the slopes for the novice skier in the town of Baqueira.

Spain may not be the first country you think about when booking a ski holiday, but in the Pyrenees, it can snow very hard. The ski season will start earlier than for example in the French Alps, and the weather can also change quickly. So it is possible to ski one day and the day after you would prefer to swim.

As far as food is concerned, Baqueira – Beret – Bonaigua keeps the culinary reputation of Spain very high. Especially the tapas are excellent. The prices are comparable to ski resorts in the Alps.

Distance from the airport to the ski area
The biggest airport near the ski area is Barcelona Airport. The distance between the airport and the ski area is 282 kilometres. Travel time will be 3h and 55 minutes. An alternative airport is Toulouse Airport. Toulouse airport is 192 kilometres away from the ski area. We chose Barcelona Airport because there are more flights to this airport, so there is a better chance to find a cheap ticket. offers free airport information through its own websites and partners. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is mentioned. Use for commercial purposes requires permission from, see the disclaimer.